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Transportation Engineering 1 by Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma
Shweta Sharma

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Note for Transportation Engineering 1 - TE1 by shweta sharma

Note for Transportation Engineering 1 - TE1

by Shweta Sharma

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Shweta Sharma

Civil Engineering at AKTU,Lucknow

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Lecture-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview From the beginning of history, human sensitivity has revealed an urge for mobility leading to a measure of Society's progress. The history of this mobility or transport is the history of civilization. For any country to develop with right momentum modern and efficient Transport as a basic infrastructure is a must. Transport (British English) or transportation (American English) is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The term is derived from the Latin trans ("across") and portare ("to carry"). 1.2 Means of Transport Fig.1.1 Means of Transport 1.3. Advantage and Disadvantage Different Modes of Transport (A) Road Transport Advantages 1. Less Capital Outlay 2. Door to Door Service 3. Service in Rural Areas 4. Flexible Service 5. Suitable for Short Distance 6. Lesser Risk of Damage in Transit 7. Saving in Packing Cost 8. Rapid Speed 9. Less Cost Disadvantages 1. Seasonal Nature 2. Accidents and Breakdowns 3. Unsuitable for Long Distance and Bulky Traffic 4. Slow Speed 5. Lack of Organisation * Under revision