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by Shweta Sharma

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Shweta Sharma

Civil Engineering at AKTU,Lucknow

Text from page-1 UNIT- 1 Cement, Aggregates and Admixtures 1.1 Portland Cement Concrete is made by portland cement, water and aggregates. Portland cement is a hydraulic cement that hardens in water to form a water-resistant compound. The hydration products act as binder to hold the aggregates together to form concrete. The name portland cement comes from the fact that the colour and quality of the resulting concrete are similar to Portland stone, a kind of limestone found in England. 1.1.1 Manufacture of Portland cement Portland cement is made by blending the appropriate mixture of limestone and clay or shale together and by heating them at 1450oC in a rotary kiln. The sequence of operations is shown in following figure. The preliminary steps are a variety of blending and crushing operations. The raw feed must have a uniform composition and be a size fine enough so that reactions among the components can complete in the kiln. Subsequently, the burned clinker is ground with gypsum to form the familiar grey powder known as Portland cement. Get useful study materials from