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Distributed Computing by Santanu Prasad Sahoo

Santanu Prasad Sahoo
Santanu Prasad Sahoo

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Note for Distributed Computing - DC By Santanu Prasad Sahoo

Notes for Distributed Computing - DC

by Santanu Prasad Sahoo

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Santanu Prasad Sahoo

Student at Trident Academy of Technology

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1 Syllabus Distributed Computing Lecture : 4 Hrs / Week Practical : 3 Hrs / Week One paper : 100 Marks / 3 Hrs duration Term work : 25 Marks 1. Fundamentals Evolution of Distributed Computing Systems, System models, issues in design of Distributed Systems, Distributedcomputing environment, web based distributed model, computer networks related to distributed systems and web based protocols. 2. Message Passing Inter process Communication, Desirable Features of Good Message-Passing Systems, Issues in IPC by Message, Synchronization, Buffering, Multidatagram Messages, Encoding and Decoding of Message Data, Process Addressing, Failure Handling, Group Communication. 3. Remote Procedure Calls The RPC Model, Transparency of RPC, Implementing RPC Mechanism, Stub Generation, RPC Messages, Marshaling Arguments and Results, Server Management, Communication Protocols for RPCs, Complicated RPCs, Client-Server Binding, Exception Handling, Security, Some Special Types of RPCs, Lightweight RPC, Optimization for Better Performance. 4. Distributed Shared Memory Design and Implementation issues of DSM, Granularity, Structure of Shared memory Space, Consistency Models, replacement Strategy, Thrashing, Other Approaches to DSM, Advantages of DSM. 5. Synchronization Clock Synchronization, Event Ordering, Mutual Exclusion, Election Algorithms.