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Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

by Nesro Mohammed
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Introduction to Digital Signal Processing by Nesro Mohammed

Nesro Mohammed
Nesro Mohammed

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Nesro Mohammed
Nesro Mohammed
Chapter four Organizing 10/16/2017 organizing 1
Main topics in this chapter -4 1. Concept of organizing 2. organizing process 3. Importance of organizing 4. Organizational Structure 5. Forms of organizational structure 6. Department 7. Span of control 8. Authority and responsibility 9. Nature of organizingorganizing 10/16/2017 2
4.1 Concept of organizing Organizing - is a management function that involves arranging human and nonhuman (physical) resources to help attain organizational objectives.  It is the management function that establishes relationship between activity and authority. The end result of an organizing process is an organization.  Organization - is the total system of social and cultural relationship among peoples who are joined together to achieve some specific common objectives.  10/16/2017 organizing 3
4.2 organizing process 1. Identification of objectives: This is to understand clearly the objectives of the organization 2. Identification of the specific activities needed to accomplish objectives: Knowing the objectives clearly makes the identification of activities needed clear and simple. 3. Grouping of activities necessary to attain objectives: The series number of activities listed and/or identified must be grouped together. That is, this involves grouping together of activities in accordance with similarities. Departmentation. Grouping of similar activities is based on the concept of division of labor and specialization. 10/16/2017 organizing 4

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