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Fluid Mechanics by Fahad Imam

Fahad Imam
Fahad Imam

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Note for Fluid Mechanics - FM By Fahad Imam

Notes for Fluid Mechanics - FM

by Fahad Imam

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JNTU World Section 1: Fluid Properties LECTURE CONTENTS CIVE1400: Fluid Mechanics What make fluid mechanics different to solid mechanics? Section 0: Introduction Section 1: Fluid Properties Fluids vs. Solids Viscosity Newtonian Fluids Properties of Fluids Section 2: Statics Hydrostatic pressure Manometry/Pressure measurement Hydrostatic forces on submerged surfaces Section 3: Dynamics The continuity equation. The Bernoulli Equation. Application of Bernoulli equation. The momentum equation. Application of momentum equation. Section 4: Real Fluids Boundary layer. Laminar flow in pipes. Section 5: Dimensional Analysis An Intro to Dimensional analysis Similarity xThe nature of a fluid is different to that of a solid xIn fluids we deal with continuous streams of fluid. In solids we only consider individual elements. In this section we will consider how we can classify the differences in nature of fluids and solids. What do we mean by nature of a fluid? TU JN CIVE1400: Fluid Mechanics Section 1: Fluid Properties W or ld CIVE1400: Fluid Mechanics Section 1: Fluid Properties Fluids are clearly different to solids. But we must be specific. We need some definable basic physical difference. CIVE1400: Fluid Mechanics 1 JNTU World Section 1: Fluid Properties 2