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Note for Automobile Engineering - AE By ramisetty sai

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Steering System Function of Steering System •Control of front wheel (sometimes rear wheel) direction. •Transmit road feel (slight steering wheel pull caused by the road surface) to the drivers hand. •Maintain correct amount of effort needed to turn the wheels. •Absorb most of the shock going to the steering wheel as the tire hits holes and bumps in the road. •Allow for suspension action.

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Steering System Turning the Car (when turning, front wheels don’t point the same direction) •Inside wheel turns at a smaller radius, hence the inside wheel turns at a steeper angle then the outside wheel.

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Steering System Linkage Steering System (Worm Gear)

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Steering System Linkage Steering System (Worm Gear) Parts •Steering Wheel – used by the driver to rotate a steering shaft that passes through the steering column. •Steering Shaft – transfers turning motion from the steering wheel to the steering gearbox. •Steering Column – supports the steering column and steering shaft.

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