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Note for Digital Signal Processing - DSP By Prashant Singh

  • Digital Signal Processing - DSP
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  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
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Application of Adaptive Filters • Filters with adjustable coefficients, are called adaptive filters. Such filters incorporate algorithms that allow the filter coefficients to adapt to the signal statistics. • Thus, many computationally efficient algorithms for adaptive filtering have been developed. • Adaptive filters have been successfully used in the estimation of signals corrupted by noise & other interference. • Adaptive filters have been used widely in Commn

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systems, control systems, & various other systems in which the statistical characteristics of the signals to be filtered are either unknown a priori or, in some cases, are slowly time-variant (nonstationary signals). • FIR filter is the most practical & widely used instead of IIR filter due to only adjustable zeros & thus it is free of stability problems. • The direct-form FIR filter structure with adjustable coefficients h(n) is illustrated in Fig.-1. The adjustable coefficients of h(n) are optimized using different efficient algorithms.

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algorithm. Fig.1:- Direct-form adaptive FIR filter.

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