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Note for Biomedical Instrumentation - BI by Manju bashini

  • Biomedical Instrumentation - BI
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  • Jeppiaar engineering college - Jpr
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Manju Bashini
Manju Bashini
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 Avesi cul aror ganel l epr esenti nt hecyt opl asm i scal l edt hemi t ochondr i a.  Themi t ochondr i aar ecover edbyt womembr anes, t heout ersmoot hmembr aneandt he i nnermembr anewhi chgoi nf orf ol di ngcal l edcr i st ae.  The space bet ween t he cr i st ae ort he f ol di ng oft he i nnermembr ane oft he mi t ochondr i ai st hemi t ochondr i almat r i x.  Met abol i c act i vi t i es oft he cel l( i ncl udi ng ATP synt hesi s)ar et aken car e by t he mi t ochondr i ahencei ti scal l edt hepowerhouseoft hecel l .

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Cel lSt r uct ur e  TheGol giappar at usi sanot hervesi cl ewhi chconsi st sofasetofsmoot h,f l at t ened

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ci st er naear r angedi npar al l elr ows.  Thegol giappar at usi sal socal l edt hedi ct yosome.  Thegol giappar at ushel psi npr ocessi ng, pi cki nganddi spl acementofpr ot ei ns.  Lysosomesar esmal l ervesi cul arst r uct ur escapabl eofdi gest i ngpr ot ei n,nucl ei caci d, pol ysacchar i deandot hermat er i al s.  Lysosomesar ei nvol vedi nt hei nt r acel l ul ardi gest i onandi nt r acel l ul arscavengi ngof wor nandpoor l yf unct i oni ngor ganel l es.

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