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Note for Computer Organisation and Architecture - COA by Yogesh Bhatt

  • Computer Organisation and Architecture - COA
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Yogesh Bhatt
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Interconnection Structures    A computer consists of a set of components (CPU,memory,I/O) that communicate with each other. The collection of paths connecting the various modules is call the interconnection structure. The design of this structure will depend on the exchange that must be made between modules.

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Input/Output for each module Read Write Address Data Instructions Interrupt Signal Data Memory N Word 0 . . . N-1 CPU Data Data Control Signal Read Write Address Internal Data External Data I/O Module M Ports Internal Data External Data Interrupt Signal

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Type of transfers  Memory to CPU  CPU to Memory  I/O to CPU  CPU to I/O  I/O to or from Memory (DMA)

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Bus Interconnection     A bus is a communication pathway connecting two or more device. A key characteristic of a bus is that it is a shared transmission medium. A bus consists of multiple pathways or lines. Each line is capable of transmitting signal representing binary digit (1 or 0)

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