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Note for Computer Network - CN By Abhishek Badholia

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Internet Control Protocols Reading: Section 4.1 COS 461: Computer Networks Jennifer Rexford 1

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Goals of Today’s Lecture • Bootstrapping an end host – Learning its own configuration parameters (DHCP) – Learning the link-layer addresses of other nodes (ARP) • IP routers – Line cards, switching fabric, and route processor – Error reporting and monitoring (with ICMP) 2

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Thus Far in the Class… host host HTTP message HTTP TCP segment TCP router IP Ethernet interface HTTP IP packet Ethernet interface IP TCP router IP packet SONET interface SONET interface IP IP packet Ethernet interface IP Ethernet interface 3

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Thus Far in the Class… • Application protocols – Socket abstraction – HyperText Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) • Transport services built on IP – TCP: reliable byte stream with congestion control – UDP: unreliable message delivery • Name/address translation – DNS: mapping host names to/from IP addresses • Internet Protocol (IP) – Best-effort packet delivery service – IP addresses and IP prefixes – Packet forwarding based on longest-prefix match 4

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