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Note for Engineering Thermodynamics - ET By Aditya Kumar

  • Engineering Thermodynamics - ET
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CH2351 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II www.msubbu.in Introduction ww to the Course w .m sub bu .in Dr. M. Subramanian Associate Professor Department of Chemical Engineering Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering Kalavakkam – 603 110, Kanchipuram (Dist) Tamil Nadu, India msubbu.in[AT]gmail.com 02-Jan-2014

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Contents • Questionnaire • About this course ww w.m • Syllabus – coverage • Teaching / Learning process 02-Jan-2014 M Subramanian sub bu .in

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Questionnaire (Duration: 15 min) 1. What is the maximum efficiency of a thermal power plant working between temperatures of 350oC and 30oC ? 2. During Joule-Thompson expansion of an ideal gas, temperature of the gas _________ (decreases / increases / remains constant). 3. Work required for compression will be ________ (more/ less) for isentropic compression over irreversible adiabatic compression. 4. What do you mean by 1 ton Air Conditioner ? 5. Write few sentences about Ice wHouse in Chennai. w 6. suare 1 liter of ethanol and 1 liter of water bb mixed at constant temperature and pressure. What is the expected volumeuof .in the resultant mixture ? 7. Two components A (normal boiling point: 100oC), and B (normal boiling point: 60oC) are present in a liquid mixture in equal molar amounts. The mixture is heated, and the vapor and liquid are in equilibrium. In the vapor the mole fraction of A will be ______ (more than / less than / same as) that of B. 8. Why is the reaction N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3 carried out at high pressure? w .m 02-Jan-2014 M Subramanian

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About this Course • This part of thermodynamics deals with topics of thermodynamics principles of refrigeration, phase equilibria, reaction and equilibria. • Refrigeration is a one of the common utilities in chemical industries and also has growing importance in our day-to-day life ww w.m sub in distillation, absorption, and • Phase equilibria finds application bu liquid-liquid extraction (Mass Transfer) .in • Reaction Equilibria finds application in estimating the maximum possible conversion in chemical reactions (Reaction Engineering) • The concepts of PVT, thermodynamic properties of pure components, heat engine, entropy will form the basis for understanding this course. 02-Jan-2014 M Subramanian

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