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Note for Computer Organisation and Architecture - COA By JNTU Heroes

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COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND  ARCHITECTURE 1 Slides Courtesy of Carl Hamacher,”Computer Organization,” Fifth edition,McGrawHill

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COMPUTER  ORGANISATION AND  ARCHITECTURE • The components from which computers are built, i.e., computer organization. • In contrast, computer architecture is the science of integrating those components to achieve a level of functionality and performance. • It is as if computer organization examines the lumber, bricks, nails, and other building material • While computer architecture looks at the design of the house. 2

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UNIT-I INTRODUCTION •Evolution of Computer Systems •Computer Types •Functional units •Basic operational concepts •Bus structures •Memory location and addresses •Memory operations •Addressing modes •Design of a computer system •Instruction and instruction sequencing, •RISC versus CISC. 3

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INTRODUCTION This chapter discusses the computer hardware,  software and their interconnection, and it also  discusses concepts like computer types,  evolution of computers, functional units, basic  operations, RISC and CISC systems.  4

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