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English Communication Skills by Jntu Heroes

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Note for English Communication Skills - ECS By JNTU Heroes

Notes for English Communication Skills - ECS 0

by Jntu Heroes

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(LECTURE NOTES) TECHNICAL ENGLISH I UNIT I - LISTENING Almost 45% of time we spend in listening. An essential management and leadership skill. A process of receiving, interpreting and reacting to a message. TOPIC -1 GENERAL INTENSIVE ENGLISH Intensive English courses are generally conducted to improve the overall level of the English skills of the learners. Students undergoing this course learn to communicate effectively in English, broaden their vocabulary and develop their reading and writing skills. Objectives: 1. To increase confidence and fluency in speaking English. 2. To get accuracy for clear communication of ideas. 3. To develop understanding of grammar. 4. To interact in a multi-cultural environment. 5. To focus on writing ,reading and listening skills. 6. To focus on students’ personal needs and objectives. The basic aim of GIE is to improve the confidence to communicate and to deal with situations necessary to manage in an English speaking environment. TOPIC -2 TYPES OF LISTENING Appreciative listening, Empathetic listening, Comprehensive listening, Critical listening Traits of a Good Listener Being non-evaluative, Paraphrasing, Reflecting implications, Reflecting hidden feelings. Active listening Inviting further contributions, Responding non-verbally, Show keenness, Expressions, Alertness, Questions, Not neglecting physical aspects , Valid reason for criticism Implications Good listening helps you to take better decisions and make better policies in organization. On the contrary lack of proper listening can lead to embarrassing situations because of a gap in coordination and understanding. Tips for Effective Listening DO’s HS6151/TE 1 UNIT I Page 1