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Note for E-Commerce And Erp - ECOM By JNTU Heroes

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E-Commerce smartworlD.asia UNIT- I 1 1

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Commerce • • COMMERCE : COMMERCE refers to all those activities which help directly or indirectly in the distribution of goods to the ultimate consumer. Functions of commerce : 1.Removes Personal Hindrance 2.Removes Place Hindrance 3.Removes Time Hindrance 4.Removes Finance Hindrance 5.Removes Risk Hindrance Hindrance: barrier, block, difficulty, drawback, limitation, obstacle restriction, stoppage smartworlD.asia Personal Hindrance : Personal Hindrance Removed by Trader manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer • • • • Place Hindrance : Place Hindrance Removed by Transport TIME HINDRANCE : TIME HINDRANCE Removed by warehousing Finance hindrance : Finance hindrance Banks remove this hindrance Risk hindrance : Risk hindrance Removed by Insurance 2 2

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Commerce • Commerce means the whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business. • The system includes legal, economic, political, social, cultural, and technological systems that are in operation in any country. • Commerce is a system or an environment that affects the business prospects of an economy or a nation-state. • We can also define it as a second component of business which includes all activities, functions and institutions involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers. smartworlD.asia 3 3

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Overview of e-Commerce • Commerce – Conducting business in which buyers and sellers come together in a market place to exchange information, products, services and payments – Conducted in buildings, personal interactions also involved smartworlD.asia • Electronic Commerce – Market place is electronic. Business transactions occur across a telecommunications network (Electronic market place – Market space) where buyers, sellers and others involved in the business transaction. – People rarely see / know each other, physically located anywhere in the world. 4 4

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