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Machine Tools

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Jntu Heroes
Jntu Heroes
MACHINING OPERATIONS AND MACHINE TOOLS 1. Turning and Related Operations 2. Drilling and Related Operations 3. Milling 4. Machining & Turning Centers 5. Other Machining Operations 6. Shape, Tolerance and Surface Finish 7. Machinability 8. Selection of Cutting Conditions 9. Product Design Consideration 1
1. Turning & Related Operations • Turning – a machining v Rotational Speed: N = process in which a πDo single-point tool remove Do − D f = 2d material from the Feed rate: f r = Nf surface of a rotating L work piece. (Lathe) Time of machining: Tm = Material Removal Rate: Do v Df fr MRR = vfd d L f 2
Operations related to Turning Contour turning Facing Taper turning Cutoff Threading Chamfering Form turning Boring Drilling Knurling 3
Work Holding • Mounting between two centers (Dog & Live center) • Chuck • Collet • Face plate 4

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