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Note for Mechatronics - Mech By JNTU Heroes

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COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) MECHATRONICSYSTEM: Actuators: Solenoids, voice coils, D.C. motors, Stepper motors, Servomotor, hydraulics, pneumatics. Sensors: Switches, Potentiometer, Photoelectric, Digital encoder, Strain gauge, Thermocouple, accelerometer etc. Input signal conditioning and interfacing: Discrete circuits, Amplifiers, Filters, A/D, D/D. Digital control architecture: Logic circuits, Microcontroller, SBC, PLC, Sequencing and timing, Logic and arithmetic, Control algorithm, Communication. Output signal conditioning and interfacing: D/A D/D, Amplifiers, PWM, Power transistor, Power Op- amps. Graphical displays: LEDs, Digital displays ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 Page 2

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COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) MEASUREMENTSYSTEM: A measurement system can be defined as a black box which is used for making measurements. It has the input as the quantity being measured and the output as a measured value of that quantity. ELEMENTS OF MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS: Measurement system consists of the following three elements. a) Sensor ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 b) Signalconditioner c) DisplaySystem Page 3

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COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) Sensor: A sensor consists of transducer whose function is to convert the one form of energy into electrical form of energy. A sensor is a sensing element of measurement system that converts the input quantity being measured into an output signal which is related to the quantity. Example: Temperature Sensor –Thermocouple Input –Temperature Output –E.M.F (ElectricalParameter). Signal Conditioner: A signal conditioner receives signal from the sensor and manipulates it into a suitable condition for display. The signal conditioner performs filtering, amplification or other signal conditioning on the sensor output. Example: Temperature measurement (Amplifier) Input Output –Single Conditioner function –Small E.M.F value (From sensor) –Big E.M.F Value (Amplified). DisplaySystem: A display system displays the data (output) from the signal conditioner by an analog or digital. A digital system is a temporary store such as recorder. Example: Display Input Output ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 – L.E.D (or) Number on scale by pointer movement –Conditioned Signal (from signal conditioner) –Value of the quantity (Temperature) Page 4

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COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: SYSTEM CONTROL: A black which is used to control its output in a pre-set value box OPEN LOOP CONTROL SYSTEM:  If there is no feedback device to compare the actual value with desired one.  No control over its input ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 Page 5

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