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Civil Engineering Materials and Construction

by Amit PathakAmit Pathak
Type: NoteInstitute: Guru govind Singh indraprastha university Course: B.Tech Specialization: Civil EngineeringViews: 32Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Amit Pathak
Amit Pathak
Advanced Concrete Technology
Advanced Concrete Technology Constituent Materials Concrete Properties Processes Testing and Quality ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN 0 0 0 0 7506 7506 7506 7506 5103 5104 5105 5106 2 0 9 7
Advanced Concrete Technology Constituent Materials Edited by John Newman Department of Civil Engineering Imperial College London Ban Seng Choo School of the Built Environment Napier University Edinburgh AMSTERDAM PARIS BOSTON SAN DIEGO HEIDELBERG SAN FRANCISCO LONDON NEW YORK SINGAPORE SYDNEY OXFORD TOKYO

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