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Note for Artificial Intelligence - AI by Devanshi Tank

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Devanshi Tank
Devanshi Tank
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Knowledge Representation Chapter 10 Unit-6 how to use first-order logic to represent the most important aspects of the real world, such as action, space, time, mental events, and shopping.

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Outline  a general ontology  the basic categories  representing actions  mental events & mental objects  an extended example  reasoning about categories  reasoning involving defaults  truth maintenance systems

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Ontological Engineering • Complex domains – e.g. internet shopping agents – require very general & flexible representations • should include actions, time, physical objects, beliefs, …. – ontological engineering • is the process of finding/deciding on representations for these abstract concepts – somewhat like Knowledge Engineering • but at a larger scale • generalized to a more complex real world

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Ontological Engineering • we use a general framework of concepts – an upper ontology • "upper" due to the diagrammatic convention of putting the most general at the top

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