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Advanced Java Programming

by Dhanamjay KDhanamjay K
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Dhanamjay K
Dhanamjay K
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 Introduction to JSTL  Categories      Reference JSTL Core JSTL Formatting JSTL SQL JSTL XML JSTL functions The Complete Reference JSP 2.0 JSTL by -Phil Hanna 2
What is JSTL? • JSP Standard Tag Library(JSTL) is a standard library of custom tags. The JSTL contain several tag that can remove scriplet code from a JSP page. JSTL 3
Conti.. • JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) is the standard tag library that provides tags to control the JSP page behavior, iteration and control statements, internationalization tags, and SQL tags. •To use JSTL the jar files like Jstl.jar , standard.jar files are neccesary. JSTL 4

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