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Note for System Programming - SP By Digbijaya Biswal

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By: Bhargavi H. Goswami, Assistant Professor, Sunshine Group of Institutions.

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• Introduction: – Computing Involve two main activities: • Program Development • Use of application software – Programs that help us for developing and using other programs, are called software tools, which perform various house keeping task involved in program development & application usage. • Definition: Software Tool is a system program which • The entity generating the data or consuming the results may be – 1. Interface program with the entity generating its input data, or – 2. Interfaces the results of a program with the entity(user) consuming them. – A program or – A user.

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Originator S/W Tool Raw Program or Data Consumer Transformed Program or Data • Example: File rewriting utility It organizes the data in file to make it suitable for processing by a program. Eg. Converting pipe delimited file to excel file. For this, it may perform: • In this chapter we‟ll study software tools for • • – Blocking/De-Blocking, – Padding / Truncation, – Sorting, etc. – Program Development and – User Interface.

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Program design, coding and documentation Preparation of program to machine readable form. Program translation, linking & loading. Program testing & debugging. Performance Tuning. Reformatting data and/or results of a program to suit other programs.

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