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Note for Building Materials and Building Construction - BMBC By vtu rangers

  • Building Materials and Building Construction - BMBC
  • Note
  • Visvesvaraya Technological University Regional Center - VTU
  • Civil Engineering
  • 7 Topics
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  • Uploaded 1 year ago
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Text from page-2

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Text from page-3

x re' d^l broh"n .strne /Jlrlortt.l nst te c{u\! To e 6q -t e;<-1u 'e -EYee tloro io e \ cJ {o hav )+ e c)-o. ac}Y &botr CLPP Loo 3e tc,.) 6 o{€ Ccr-vi ti e-g, Cv..lc-.ti9 o^.J pct-tclre: &d vil'<i ir t< rr(]}Ja^nc-J, 3 t!. o-li -br ccrh ocvr frA:,au-Ld no t !a -8" f,OX e.t at1 .'' Jt-,'a-6u <o <rnd *4 xt d L* tsu zLl'r / Stare $EgclE*+l)u"p ofi<'r Urt3+orp( -ftE 6{ts1rye1 rr6trt'r9 A(fi6t1 $ :o P-r ac'cr'qq CDr'oP\-ees ive 5+reofth e{- buitcL'r)9 ,F.tor)es .lf,trru cn-r I 6ary-1e- lcQh-s eeD 60 t-D Doo nJ lrnrr.'- - -(fip ?rcp.rtl fA t.",.pox+ard {or qfrcorA, <llgn- , etc - --l-l; hcrtd.on-gs i,t crp-ss n1 *{ t ?arve.Ff'F nQ "S de-tarrCine/ b9 rde roohs gccdr -l4o.'.2{ oes s : , -io5hoc'r'-:- -T6.: e t.,{ lr.r-.ro* {ty1, @ A*D r€ Can ui5$<tcrbl t* .-t.d;.,.a c.r -touThoes\ 16e A ttne u5*l .,*bu!*l +o t"5tt r-obe6 vi bxctfovy o\ ft)au,og -!-ncldr Gy€ cr|.tic; p.L{<-r rn a-r*ur 9"^tsfitqt - TEe -xe--;xtqoG G{ At-one o{d,^n r -fte uoeav :r tear &e {:s rnturat e1err..-"r Ay_.t \ be_ l^nf, 4"i19!!?1 ,'r;a ,-r*,-p*6€ L!e\r ec{-ari.eJ *ofot rs\,- 3lone ,z"4.lur.,ld be r^r oxho.b& ,aO -{+.,3! clrt"rq, c{yees eo? ard b$n? ",+ 15r.t t^ J1-" -rag u?vec3 ,*rlpe a 6ae s't:rc4 nd b. uneccrnro: caO \nut" e"o\t\ - T5€ hlor re l<us [eruree6 ] I I I I I I I I Sfe<,1rc ?6u?h/ & 3 tD .?.5 -{ cnosi o-[ .t^= I I <rdera t^ll-rali o-r e -*he b€.-0J.1-- +cr6o.r,} 1 trloJ- 1,,<.J 1ql 9l DigiNotes sv:hol orc -tAe aYao 1Source &S%.^-, crl-,'or-q *f.::-.-:1:'*.1

Text from page-4

Ou'crb?tf"tq: J,tr +be Lc edtecfi q <r+rnolpttevnFla-ro city: i'Ll tr is €ne. GHti\ $rorpe Undar .0occJ. gte+Crin to qieji6t t-ho_ corobir,eJ -+ Qtto, &uro.,r. o_bftfrY , -Lhil 6trop ;1**"- q rn o&-"!>,C11 {n a-hcr, 1< . l.ar cli iOCt +- .to e afl et the '!s o-ol Lr -x.,rrrpv <J. E \o-r"u,crtyr - 3 ;g +he i O",t,Cd odatlit! q 6deool &."r 4- cLi ro e.r\{\ trn a*-t .bo e.v ?egtore i t5 the JLDcld L4 .y@,CaO V e-<! ,/. s,tC8 ,>t'3 oe ? - -+ </ua-z-r;eJ a+E De har ""-,"A 4uvpccr- , t-,rh? d1ns=*l -bo obtoin o cre#, tt or tl n eX1ilaa A{-r.r.pe . d YeSSir? \-,-. : € 'tdc1 aA be*o{,"t{ iloces ?/' *,q{Lc,6nroq -to , i t'aci,rr4{:,o v t af''o€r P\€o-^ irl?. 'a\{an c---, -'t,E ropet 3y€ilfl.lq a{ r'1o na Pzav io\ tr:ov troY jo3oa t-'''tb c; crl &rap e-e 1oq boa$ ?-d ..!ta..oor.r,a llctr* , -5t\pa-z + arch e-g 1 csPioq', Pi J.rer;s".l Ato nea ctYa .'!+)oL'or) in diTur-. cl6n ? .o66.-i,,r 6rJe!4 o\'4o* Tttx ct c}>i o-ira .thope le*< weinf'|t ghdlad Source DigiNotes t

Text from page-5

fool<J Ro,iq:- Raln u:o.1e* 6qtg boo Phyt cr-tr/ cr",cl c|>era; <-attn "75" e-il C.ol .-fr o+spo v.tobon pev: er6 4- -tfu .(cter <1rl-r- -G th- ole e ropo Si{ oxi&o-l.lerr: + h LTolro_tio-,,t ed -tr" t'v€,..rcLta preA e-o_L i6 -th e 8. ,4 to ru:, . ,," tsrlLr F-*L.- In ceu 'p\cr cee $.elt pd.o- +fi- poye,r 6I '.l,le xtD qe,\ u:tl'Pre it t{eey..^, e-.-rpoy,ja -9 cl ecutu cr.tr_&r. tllC:- $;oce Co-u,red ..-i r-,.:Scrj ;:;ff"ff:^fr" < by ...,.-" olu r" r-hlrr)qo_-l ..--'--. --. ---.-.-.-_--\| Qf,qP(,ir E r p.-ro9'.o6 + Lot,oct, t'o dverlue6t k-.{-" fu?, Cr3ise I Lsqe fp cI el e-r-o ?,qpt c-i o-{,'-j i-b .-} toCrs i A \_,, C-o.oPoftd,r{ ,<"-il er d mi oe_rcr1.c ur\r41 clitte4, er{ Coe{-$ioeo tr Q Uoeo-', fupGrsion Ch".cn cor $eerf.: _______(r - esten cutrloreot prrrloliex , -$-uroer , acf cfr, 4 Ctci cl {-urne.s '?*re-st- ,o -.lftr- cd.ni$phere q12- tt)e Attnar S tacP-,\ f.e*e:ior Cor,t o,o, oq Caco), kf?6: crie -'6tr4 errq-l toaq J-lc+r"rv, l6ese- &.sbro1 \irne-3fg,6s bu't cr.t c-oots {pv Dth e-r &to rp rno\\ \J} e-' * P- t-ecf'" !^"- ?-od.ul}l\ Lo eeF, er) 4 uxiro ot at1 .[."t""V b-1 roariio? o be4 e-s ] Istsne f-t oLL.1 Source DigiNotes

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