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Note for Software Engineering - SE By vtu rangers

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Chapter 2 – Software Processes

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Topics covered • Software process models • Process activities • Coping with change • The Rational Unified Process • An example of a modern software process.

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The software process • A structured set of activities required to develop a software system. • Many different software processes but all involve: • Specification – defining what the system should do; • Design and implementation – defining the organization of the system and implementing the system; • Validation – checking that it does what the customer wants; • Evolution – changing the system in response to changing customer needs. • A software process model is an abstract representation of a process. It presents a description of a process from some particular perspective.

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Software process descriptions • When we describe and discuss processes, we usually talk about the activities in these processes such as specifying a data model, designing a user interface, etc. and the ordering of these activities. • Process descriptions may also include: • Products, which are the outcomes of a process activity; • Roles, which reflect the responsibilities of the people involved in the process; • Pre- and post-conditions, which are statements that are true before and after a process activity has been enacted or a product produced.

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