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Note for Digital Electronics Circuit - DEC By vtu rangers

  • Digital Electronics Circuit - DEC
  • Note
  • Visvesvaraya Technological University Regional Center - VTU
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P,'fi &a{ t'4oo*:g- t I Pa,*cr PLHs op cor{e r NRTToNA L loqr E*b.*'-r, dl\e d.qH..i6,+r, y A 06^e @ "-t *xffim F COrVBtrrt6to1rgt lOAtc : ) e{e e fvs 1.r I r*s:- {-c....-,.:-1 L{, ,-,-.r r;-,na.r-i iur.r r" $tr"i C',-Hnar"o)-,e, i bft-. 04 v Sec'L,u S.,.e, . ,, ilt{ Tor,tlntL G*bt^aff"r-J btr. d^olE uriA d+-r .tcchni?ut;, gL rl cerr, h".tir^g d " *he fan'c S.k ,:^6 G?<ui6 +Aar $e{ann 6svtc dcn"r^d .f-rcfea ?'. A,ad-ex , B&b'o cl6:"s t . ?r\o&",4, Deco&"a ' ele- U do C.r-bi,-af'*.oj hA". +..-^c,f,'o' F o"kf,"-f ?cr An- crn t€-b X 8 [x.>4r L0a.ncbb' e t &,9, Utam*Gb\€l fhe otp ds 3"'i4.tJ 6- 7lr b4.er. x,.3 be +'€ dck * be etu RIf &r*4r

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lianets {62 ce) fi,onri's,(5-r bA* Ern'tltr Cc+teJ bff" r.t ) Grftern*h? (.tr) I - srels LJx+e lde A0sl<rrrenb fr.'16 6ua rrr*) ( 6cc) cr,'cle 6itics'-, ( crtog rnefra.0 +t ( " Crnuea'd"'..g to.bbe . G Ue'6q/ fro6tor" Ls r<) 3."i-z-oil " tn: , &krrnin e fhe S^h*,b dt-rof a$'.e- inu o{u..d ' 4 t0arr'o6 {r,r 4 "h cmryietr le'r r4^e,r- 1" / t tr6- ecA tf-brt, " s) Del.$i,ILinr f+1s sfia t+\e G"* ta'bl€' 0fc€ * TftQnq, d ..JL ol- = 4) Uar,to.ah Ae Ao*-: :nfu-t- C"rnbin4f,'o'^J €xfs # Ufl''ee't H ALo rfp 7\-o &P f = do,rn{=i'naffor"f f,LO u, :-t ^+ C*a6itrcr ol.,Ipuf -lar +he G-uJd b-r)1Lf toJDtu- ^a-,6e,"J c'..,*b{^o.fahsi (fr<Uf Gr^t fnof'6.r^.J Cr<onlU fu a- bg <J.elerrnf^€ tAa &,6u-|:i: cn o.crrz-danpr &, ( 15 *ke fuobtern strrfemenf D $H;r.. GonooAlc4 *M* [+1..1 G"cr,:f toAorc *h 0 4k 4.".v ,fu la.^k' $ f..,e- f= d+erLd-a1t srn f{e- e"A"+ f"d d qb fho..b F{^t-gL 6rne- Is CaUaJ Cern6"'"ffo"ol Gb<&^'(dYt- LlIAto*"- { & ba : - A4ot.1 6ub t>o.'csr t +

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, A *onverS'or system bring raw material in from three different sources.',llte t,h.:ee rrnr::i:; converge into a single output conveyor.sensorc mounted adjacent to each sorrce cour/elur indicates the presence of raw material,All 4 conveyo* separate motors so th*y can br individually contrclled(grloff).lt is required m a*igo a orloff contuol systern of raotc*rs fo meet the following conditions: If sourcel has product, then source 2 and3 must be tumed off;if sourcel is empily, theri either src2 or 3 or both can be turned on.In &e event that no product is available from ttlree sourtesothe output conv€yor must be turned offIf not product ir, availahle, the respective source conveyor must be turned off. Determine the no. of inputs and outputs. Construct the truth tabte that describes the system. (5M) tu* D il) *+ @q. Cyu A lrto. No. ? i/p t0ory,oA\es ;3 sf sto tg.arhA (.8: + (-t O t-uorn'og "q, [Io. g1. tlp 1 3 10 0 10I [At lto rt Asslstant Profcmor t ooo oO Ol 1o oo oro ot ol \o ol oll :2=8 ROOPA. M Ocpt. of Eheronks sr9 Yl,YrWl oo I ler be l{|t,t4z%,fr+ *,n-,biroffa,^r 1-rulA Vabla Es D ktr f lp uadab lrt le- E31s2,s h,k Ei Conm-unlolhi Cjmbrldge Instlhttc rf Trchnat*gy Sangalore - 560 016, l\ to ot ol lr Oo o t I or

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