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Note for Operating Systems - OS By vtu rangers

  • Operating Systems - OS
  • Note
  • Visvesvaraya Technological University Regional Center - VTU
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Text from page-1

rnod ,%r, 't t: l\4.#t] E NJPJ2+ a9 {r\,YR@tJlqTw) An Ope.na{'hq *V4<r-r- COs) [ 0 werzs yfr"t-tF *o(4-',n* izG U an +*"u?J *-J 4he O s 1>v'.'',"^ g€- -ol>r*t-^ .^{L!, i-s a rL @ftx,t ,yk,''' ,: ulE b.{**'- f nl<t', rr*1, arlv t) arl t?''* kJp, U-,?- +t-o-L F"y&yru.. " {c.c-k d}"e-n& ..Je., q oi, uo/4*o^" G- u.\ 'ffr.'r o,.-o'k6(' on tr.,-"*L12^ . -+. trOr faoy.^'."*,-,rn<, OS fu 1., 8"'*L"p /'\uL '. - a P;^""{Js aCqars +o crreat{h { Del:"fk OVEeuter^t A1W,,L .lSl,/s {o Jt#,,,-*[ ?* -+ Foy st ,J,*f , $*"f?J uf^'tn|-*L frwP 0F Aot Ats / ' o 'll.." CoF,1 7lr-..t"1 s,/-..',',2 o s) **y ,1e*{cn5 ,|..z ,o{*'-*"'{h*L d 69 cotfuc{-,'o., cora'non hooJ-'or.^ 7a4t2L4-r\142 6ru"';kt ""*, cp.",.1!*F.,"" .Ayl"*" I ct v fes-rt tzs -a+'- f aa '-h"V gYL .fu e,W"rrli"! q.[-, o.,,a-t+€o,1gJ-?* a vf <aet fe,.zfectiv, E <a " flr,-, @4se )>eb lg o- C ()',^ ca-+"Lte^ Vfu'c I l, -:-d + l6e -a U Deziq,{1 & o- 3.,+*k -T6e uge { 4rrr* .:*.'',Bnk : -v o-{xfro.€ vie-co< cn(kch't.- q G tpe{ic-aHon a" z.<g of 5-qd<r.- Gnt|*fni *t ,L E Z.frf,<r"a lL .- I c"n oJ:s'i"'ac& w1 o- zPeQrc c@"n a191 t'U.a&fi-a'[)r vieu P*t 0o- bu ^*J .+. cem-foo'se t> Mlgr.f frerrxni'k a zytr<tn +o . 0 i i

Text from page-2

_s2 o() 7e*r.dz -n tF-tt, O-th-,"^ kJp' +o a-l"pr,""ck o'ti-!, F** cr*4=,'" f BrJ&, " . n or Gx,'*-,r J) cc.r-^.btoo t^ de8io rrl 'l\" e tr fmo"&*,, Io g 3" S.lz ---d {o',r : ,r t' ^ MD4l* A P*L *?.,*. J+orls o,Le l, rJJ"* 1," k*" - o- -J*L, -[i.l cara 1"" "otL& -:+ -+ qf.f/, .$r*."k stratt ob -"-\- * V a ( olt.,^ rnJUr(* 0 { 4* ?#b*!Y: ..tL.[, r4 fnorn v L'7' ero arft L(-LJ l1-^ 0S a\.,,& 'f t '"-fuule'. Zach \J6e* ?nk {^c" C-oc.sisfs a? os *L o fvon* l<e-'rnt,{ pno)ncr@s oor.L I a- nu"nbe" d P='"To-irYz8 0u co.c f u-+ex. l-[o',dtror. *> )<er'rnul Ao,a,\<tri : t, 7t is +h4 c5\+ { os . 'fLra 3, Zt c€xh-b operal,'crn 9, d?.e ce^,-zf.(f€,Z ",-, B"-Gu. 4. p=r.r,.,,"d,.* o- Z<L- q '{"".,-.U*, ^;& u.txe +i', CP U z*^ot't uu I 4 fu c-anaf:ctk"r ^r,& n Ararar\r+ .-+ A4# u# t$fu-; - t' 'TR<-ze ryC.^-*"+ J. 2, ,TFez< n.,*u h>z,e-rao-"c+ A4) <tT-' e- 3' .TF*- t$t'q t/-\e-c n.,t inle-,.a.tt n <hr.o1* rJr u^<- C"t--""t"4. {k. /*rtl+,'* P-"'d .rr',0{4. J"& ,l 7uTo..* ,*L Jn^ +Cta trAe-'a +'] t--uc,,*tn ' 1r^"7or*7*^ ",.".'Y rt'tolrrtz ^"*t { dk" ;rnao\-vtLla Py,r^r&.& 6J ,Ft. +""^k^U sy+'g'*t ' t" aLo.ccr-Dk C-orn"m

Text from page-3

n rc t€s**i ryg d. ZL 1.r rte':-'_ o- A )t"\Jeff Lg*:. uir ,,1- . @') a-s 'oav , tr$* pa \ tl't i*-*-'' ^ .^*L .lo tk, }o tV* { o-s ?n tA\^JLo,r5 l_,r.ur "*-''-""T I o-s ^- ^L^: ) Cc t.F+Y t*Y.^,'.ij*1*k-,r\o-u\s t-* O Gs,r*t-,trrl f\1ou--5e cCr"clc-g €rr1 q^krrtoo-t-alS r\,,ou--be /\++!+ Wbg o-{ .-'L^ a cct-\ot3 c.*,$ t"...J' acLLPr, ri* LLbe'L . . r ti t,:kric-vr A'-'"-ot' +-"fi V* T* u ?c'g"u '-"'n-'" &o ' 'rfi.,-L ccL{'e-cFion d ,.of** oic o"'& ''"" {' r-sxos:tcpa -r oper,.,H,,. ftLrk^'nY'*2^o$t."s" 2-.,:* J^ut."+*U *''t!u"^li* ""ffY ?.- p0,fd"L*rr-. L.r-t-r-r=" c-e.m|*k-'r "ffY"' n ^a<Ar{)(,r,-.*-k .) X J f" ."., o- co-m|.rk-a ^a<n<,o*nr,*r*.k *^Vff4..oJ ' icar L,i'J dr-u +(..-o ' #:H'u: o a ---+ (k c,,salr.,* fr,^tr Q^'*"-4l^trcf 6o,Aar^z 4^rffiu." -,:;k /#b* Y'*V* l^ G J Yri I - 'Yi* 'tt'" l"* ?e,Sutl ^ 'tr^ l,',tr;,*;:q^ y--"r-ot ^ lcr ar.,.ll n -.'nn 6o-hoo'-'r I I co-L OS ->-4ue bo-sic "o'tll{e* : ," a P,TGM ' F([e | C clr'o^ f<<xuk, reqd E l.r1t6c1i6rta "; tu) puy

Text from page-4

(r e- P^tl^ a^rn .- Gr',si}e-r.- -tL'a Pr-r-.-c-t'tign { 9f\^,") . Cltrc*)) ; L"il.J *1A,n&* x.L; *.J" &^-r."0 xrreccttio-n vte-co LoY'o\ o""' . r@d.vY !'-t*y ?a : L ,!tr.trl) .+1,"* *Y,'*rt^t Jl- .*i"t '*-.1'd.--' ' U'n" "J" t"-':X" ;3 s) 6 P f, pny* h o /o o- Cer-r$ul"r. t z!-'*"< fAe t,,J" g P iE {ta !*qo-*u, ^- J +Ft/ ,4 )w *o- tJ k o(,1 * * J {+"" 5"nn& tYQ a"k ft< 2 u*u',,H n l- rr't'.-.L'i..' - l'#-^ A"-'*h tp:.i t-r-.,,r ; uu-&"-z+.,'neo{'t &/Y--cld e<-t-,-yf e: ?n o* on"'J-& ; b F ^ie6Y a A(-gt' l* 't+o-'"'! pcerts fr" n &9ryt' +rz!- { .^r'.,*! ;n#" " ' 't],-is' L:G Jo-t o* ,;;t"^[ i{s *"qc-(\{s'n , P "*oJ* ^or'r.*' ,(oL((l-l-s' O . llo{-e* i.ls i.ls 7'ortt{-[s t t r-" ?+ ,-, [:,iok it a*J --Q ;.4cr , -o".'p.r-( F:'iok ^ tol-ith ? a$otm^Hm f* &i'stt' ..l+" t^.-LA,a vl'e'-o no" <16i2 o'^.'J( cP u 2Eucorfu& 0 x , tb b"^ *-""1 hilfrrt"'l ' _/- n' A' 00 o ;*"'S: :we o'n-L -tfe "'v $"-/t^""m+ac A uz" '"'*:;-,J:4('*-' O S *u c'-'1€ !: A*ft :;:^ n2^ ,tfiAu csnvenie"& " CnnventenLz a" l)*er^"*ur.{-ez. f,Lyk-n ' tstut : d U)e -z -16 J f c--.1*"^ :f *,* 4 1';*<"s; - :uscrtis Lnh-!"rl .l€ o- *,"^ o-7L,- /25- W

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