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Text from page-1

:;,.- i f e,'u'to1 V ++D L A v ea v i' e.t,o eL ,\ ::::ffi .-.__-. tV-qur Il)rutr" v €* 1 -l)t,wv J D :P i fl"'ta-l- di YL\ -__44:: ve-u\oi wifh E9lgjn I . -_- -,:nn od-.r{e rt/) /'1. .-,l.ll lstTr\l\'rl {- +-lDL -: DW W'-M D*ry &u:7"24 td ellq uitl c)-f Lc"L t 7 D'a"""-s''ltt't );'J" e-+ *nJ tr.: i fl',- V ct cu*vrrt ,:.:ffi'' -It * qr -il-r d^ Q-a W'VLL've- ^Cl' tzrare,rr*t-at y;<-\a tfrrern J-s Circu.r -71''at't twt)L<- p [Nce-], clx o- S h\ft{e c't'"ty ' !-.*tey"al<A C) -trcuti { C r C-) u Cb-"y s 6r<4z .S S l: u-Jrna-{I'. Cr".''n-*- U'j-r.) *h t )^-r)"8- tr^L fft C-t\'*''-) c-Leiyl L* a b eCp'rnz 'e vfD s't i ca-t<A , &* t.yn1v\-e 1'*i'fh h t''^Cle'/s 0 p lac-e- c;rL;ts Lo<AtL a'b)* *' d"Y A t 'f'E"L> f>oi ><'* ' s;Ttz rt c,1 4(t %o'Cer /I v H- r r> \tv\,-r t-a-rvy:li cittJ' A4 Xechrto ',, cu4u sa:*Xx,l 3"-e''d' '*',f wt d,"a-*,q,n.(Jn' f'}TD de-S,T^"o tto-o-L f* +tLt *hs c'*Llavttlile* A*A -tb-e-*rr**^*2!esf"tz:tt'cDe-*tSn+)ltt-to'rv"'aitUlt(e>'t]] L.e-ch.vty-u "tr^'XD uvoLllfe *' t'L+e- Li'r i. cl'e-at ah! TneA-\ '?-*t .rr.:' ,c-ct-i v";"i cr^/-e) t crrrr t* tl ,*'**e.h.n Lrg^c Si "rnr,"lo;b *fLt-a cvv cLtt' br-ld*rP b'locka y*(*; t ^^J,+ tef e-er-{ i * ilrwvw\,'*+,+n 1T'te c-i'r c-c't'i-(J )tJeq- -La7'rttr hfre b't^'zoA b cru"l *d o.bcu-t- leo t) , iLe.*tey dlr cr tvw j-orrz c)1 p^y*, du u7 Lm,nuL oYt lv-lrw.i,nw( Clsvvt{>ul<rt lZ-trv'-i t ffWb :tec.lr nolofll , VL>)^ a-Lvu* * tdrih We t"Yi tLr e'Y* S i't-g-{g. A*t'T' d,e-*i Xvtw.s c-o"'-LL t& .b e Cp,*9e ; Ytfvl U **'1r" 'fYfi{.a- ooa *f\s/A oo , crcrD Iloo,crcrD t'Y'cv' t-'y'cvr,.r,

Text from page-2

ff+p- Wn"Pte it7 q ffive;e C)"r c/-dH , j t ura4 'w -ftLut- C)roujf; u'r\ A ** u")"Yf Ule lc,Ss, tedan;Tu b e cp'-'r'<abre-o.AhoolA , Co^t^"i" *i J'zA vLsT cLe-+ty Lribico,L .F,, ut'jyca-ticre A t LflnYwtzn' C- eutrrnat;t c-;Yc*d+-s /-; 'rt f*ff*-:O X;'fi3t ctv r/^r(11f uri'* fay-avt: C. Tt:ntti; vto .' fu vy C- ,','' c<-^t'-t: e (J ^' lXc",'-,r"^-j: 'ku b';L*^f und "t;6"X'l' *& atno cde-s;7,ne*3 " t"*. .i*"r^rt^Ury crh g-;.r unll * te--r, rtinala *t f,TM b[oclca E, ]b*-' olfuwLD-r-tA l,tuld Svn-o-ll trltdi -fU1 Wq,+slL I e-',,<)- bl,ooLg il".".-- -ff-wm . " f*LP-\4 Lf' tl'\Rb h"'l *u* 'U u,!*",a Lsvutrxtw' u/vLti L Canruz' 'n-mb rc , t :t"p blc e^re]- uk- to !Ur^*'La*o-t4 Tt i*"'to *y!+ t' ste*tcp- *'' u"*y'{ 1^- u'*r-au -[<Lxt c-.t<-'J *r1r,uy e u, ,^r;t: O "F;' *ff ,e I ri c[ ---#DL efqo)1ce- =-4= g'a)-a),c 0 Ltn l I lr q a ,rrr""J drT*' - Lr-y,*i* +1r.,lLd * c#D la"L' +lDL rt ' :" if 'u"1 sl^t<'rn ,,4,.j ^y, * --l' ' 'c)Llottm deL (-x/><-et r: I l^ L i/^) : .+e L*;*ffi, f-; ) ).U tq "rv ''il T s-z a-r ?' E*te*t *o:'^tr***.-{ It ve'au l^ cet t on ' )'t^t ?'7"e"* PL l-Jp t E w<,\R' o'-o L-oJ.r-- fl"u.ai* t' 'rnc'"*u^LLy hA d-p,v, Y* c'/- Icj^urn-nttc e,iYo^it )'n-tfr -W\-a- aCva'*' 'tfl>t U*"A 'V^' ' 7o*u bzLv:<-e-'^^ c-t icog D*RP A itf^ ,unte-z c'snne ,o \ o*tL 9y'nn'r'a)' ! uo ,Y* $-t'" 7^' ',,'r^ '\t'\-L l"f-J vt-c+lur.cl-o Wf -u-c'qc{'-' 1 o1 c*t't'7 Co'J O^^/tJ{n

Text from page-3

(J) 7^ t .-l c-i r ctu t-3 co,.utA b e- ci. e-\ c-q-Lr !: e d cv$ cr l-e-v{-l- t Ul r',(-\{- o& or tJ D L 4.xu^u\t-'.'71"-e re}fu.l<-n " *o Sp citT tnsJ 'Iiuu) ,' *\rte- Co-v'T* -c<'1.att--u cv'"C ffi b e-t v\ree--',,1 t ' ,L;; t{.s*{ -fi'"o ptLt-c"i (-a-*sea tfr-L) rJ|t o ww- d.o*,\tr* f'ra JJ^,urr _ivrteq csn"r'p-cbfrrr-r 'fo dr u*J'" r,A I -s .,l*l.,*ffi -n'!ff,",*ff::;' ,h,-,ffi e xt.vcr-c*ed' RfL flr* 'I* c/Yv, r_"f\,^) I rlh ex r.s -;il. *L **p Lvu s, ,.er-'t^l J )tn {t,"n'^-s +-, 2 t#.u n,1-r A:/',",il c:r',lil,( F*d,c,no-.)u"l'r-rl ' .fl;'*,iir -&*^ .ir{rl arno,* , .-t-aa-.r'irr"r-ctruru.4*^ 1:' ^,^.^* ;te-\cF *::-';;r:; s i trywer*hr'0" a.'^A LoT " \^ --*7rvrl-) 0 u'f *^"-"-'-'rrvb> -yo-,,U0tJ ,,t'"J -'o -ffi- :" ,r L<,, ..r o,M f' H or.t-es T^ ' u tb, be o<' q Y* pG A s fu) t^ 0 trr,^-se-s t'r'^-ze-\ f FP6 baa*/Y\ ;oa8e_8 uuftr ,.t !t\o c-La'kto. c_L co-n'n*-cjttt> ls '*valex c'o-n. : ,(^ #* : _,^:.-g---c/.o 'o*a\ ' +u *Y'r*'u pALs [+---,*-"rr,*'_ r *;ffiar*,*** l'- '7*Et-L- -LLL:1 {nLw t '-1-- a J,rnittA -,'"' )1 d>'v trec .rP PLi t01g 2l- r l--2" WrMA' 4+P r qQ L!| -' tl -. ,1 L.: L ry > t: L - ( cLtl. (N6) 11 u=,-1,----- 1 J{' LPTil'r: *l/">t*' r

Text from page-4

-t-.1 p i .k (^L 'D uglq\ Y--=4 DeaYd ,k F, I -.-- Qr t i 04 De/ ttutPr iAral T2,pl,,,n Lv_ v vr ,e/ ffr i s,Pe c-tY La* e*17*- D ,,\ F Low r* i r/lcJ V etu' {\f c"Aj fe'lt \ r^^ Lo%L Sf^fh€'3;s I +,r*; ul veh-'{f t'o'rn Got" L*QA set ve*ci{- Co-tf an l6 oJ1\-4 \ F r \ loov ft**ry -Aouh,rr -p ''-ti c' l"rc-. & ;\ rr'^-t tu to-!" Velu P [*1 ul--f AvwD \ e-^r-o-^.to-t " A -f,1li."r del,'7r. f[.wo {'"o)C,: T c-r,ci'f-j )^ ' .* L.,l.r,.r )^1 c,L: Sh,ou 1fr. -'Lu.^e t c-o,-f i c'l rN . c'e'\i"/rr' X vlsz ta 51bcr,^t #7^* "} .{e,s { iJ'rL4hod"e 'r<-f ve+<'^;ta{ t ov fft't *frtqSh-o-oLa-tl, blo c ,t-.5 !(tn,.r P1'D"ce,l4a-\ itvt lo I o o( ol-e..s,V^, J t*

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