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Note for Opamps and Linear Integrated Circuits - OLIC By vtu rangers

  • Opamps and Linear Integrated Circuits - OLIC
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Text from page-1

O [. p --.Aro-r p P o* c)q i,u u o[[ s" t aJF-..-+ t ".t s v o Ltc'-.y e CV r,) tVcc * -h lrl L*lt-* -ii-Lc Yo vee o,^ { 1 tda*-ttu{ 9'c J ,p n; .-*x. t^-cJ G-g \s |-ot -o ,[- a].u op -a,1^ f o*rFL., t. d i^ ,.r- {. p . flr"- . If \fa t* Co*,,. e-0<- ZA2* gaJlc. tf*-i.q-- txtdt o. sf.,--o-Lt <&e. *[{ c. t w tfie- <,r- t> lp -[[ . CI{ " "t off o[6 re--f vo Lt<,.ge i-s "[ i n-.-o rrrr i rt-o '-ff" sv e-L t-,. Vo Lto,? e$.r-*.* ". L\-G v,*oy ' 1k V o Lf=' -vv" f I J.

Text from page-2

O*Ap..t { s.t \r' 1{.,.3c '..r'.. ru..11 f *-7 t 1}.. lo.,n(^ -?) :- \1o = Vr.,ro I p"'1".r*o.r'..Lo,-- (t u,o .-ff- -\p o[{r. { v.li.ff \3 nG+ <icsi . o^L.- ,4u, rc P r-u 4 .-*L't' o ' P "t clw c ? o,o-,, 1, it :rreeJ* *-'l o .[er{.c,e-l- Z o( c-r ,l --JT., y-- {cn.r.ro*-,"-[* '-al tv .. L e I P, <,. f -t pt7 -+e o{{<e t *|;''"\ b,,- Cr Ju Ze-Lc be ' "b or d ei'- c,r nr.J fi-) , -\e ,k Y-t+-1- is !"oZt'V -{t, + 4* _o *Ir-o^rp i"4 A kr+_cr1. *A (nr;la +^J Li*, 4l,tr-' 6,"*<{ c< -67r<}v \ a a4 C- n -l c. c -l is C-o'r>-r-te.{" J -"J' tsl t*J , '-? Soei{'oll c I rlrc\ t.-r.J C-=l-r -t o. t J, L-<,r'-81(.-tu J "Zex o. --- e: '_ r, - !e - e ie d " ['..'e ci c'! Aft- v e $c-q6, --i+-,o-+ rre( c.izp-LicJ -a tc -tbn ,/p &r ..-ri t-ro.-L ol . pJ-(' d?-)lr i?l --i-. c-ro-urao =+K- a t f c+ b4e+ v c ttc3e -f-e t c-o-,,-, e o[[ <. t 'J'- Vo t*eq c*k-i-.' t {.-o -t*ox,., t+ efyS,. cd oI rvo J- ,,C -- Dee +- o rl.o Va ,lr ,.,. c,:-Gr P. {, .J i o.6}aq t.,-- r\e i-\( ./) <rq c( Lcao 1r Cn ^w e Ll.J e --1c Y-,oV e Qr. ( *? f f .A ) \ .r-t t . 4 r;t .h -{ e^^s c-oa i ,. r ds - tr or -Lr, !s i{"rncle.,l Nti t-q-p jr _Lre ,"" ,*:#,.,..,_*L_.. f. i+ A Lrc!..1r,.-rn, L--7 o} .[ *^:Lh r.r-t "t e Vlo . Vio -+, 'rj vr-tf[ r\.r - -{(.C 1**--\*r 1

Text from page-3

{, io-.f-cl o{{f.t t ,f "d .{l !. t 6.,.-5 o,.ur--[ i< i ! {*g -#t d r{[,-t .,*.r- c,\^Tle-.<t ltt^,{.-y-*a "f Iar.) .,.,cc,.I c,J --tLe .( ? . b 'rl.:. J ( ',._k -t Q" r'nv .a + .t tr*'r'r-t..,'e1,oe'"1! of ,,u., clP'arcDrf '.-( -i u-7 ulf 'I u- u e.\-1,. C-t-r1." "*t* I i 0 \'o-- s, .J "-..-t J og Ji" -vec 11..= I :g, a3 *? --{k 2 ve- ]ro -TIE, cLu A}: -- e\-*P " I i< -*3*- 5 -*!-* ar -! f^^-.UA"f- .l ., Vu.- v., t...x . cr-rr-r..o {. ( r.,) a:lr !c;.> c.-t-,r.^t i,s a ,l;^et<! eci --tX- u!*<,.'r4 o J"!^ 6 =+f--* *5 tcte; f ..--ta. -+*. tvr-v.r"t.-3 L wc L.L i-,v,.-i.t^ C...,...,., n,;t =1"***.--L "k '-t<' .o1,-t*P t( J.-o{.J o.i fe C{..^-o.-Lt7 " [ -1 6 { u.r-f LtJowr+() c)r rrr_ D .!-,L-4- . is ' J = .l'6r -tie,:_ .) ,-2 .=*f , vo kor,.- ol, ty* 5^ {t'o.,. pa,,'.l Q -4o *-0 .f - o-bo.^.{ &'**7", ^*? [+"i* . -aL v. -to "P-i -+Ke- 9-J^o "[ ( cva-&) cl. T.CnR ^Y Ca--*p "J 4 tuyett '.ro L{r1c -bp'-".-.-p :lf o\+^et llr "$ t.t ',- tA-e*3-cJ^,--* f* ,'- tf*t' i4 =k,,-.J oj i .,. -1P*

Text from page-4

! vRB , C ["* D-c.L-',fl,o t.,J. j t .i., =:: d-\ a 1r.'." .-.,..4. of /it-> c. l2- c,.,,,,t t1t ,d-D?.,.r r,,rrt.orr) .-r .:{L i ; -t€; .[ftl y,: I t o, ,.X,tk CC-..*il u ., [_ D \ir i+ te eXl>--reSs,.cl' ?a *ott:s Pcg 9!a9'.-: \"c {.*.. p.t r',-:[ @ .f_[ f,* t. vrr Vfl @ ".-. S .in o*. ["0 r-'ric.Nri-oi)Lr.r (s R) : ._J.w" .(t I-..* ^ *- l ,r G L 3rs -v il (l .4 4.. vo 'n o!-{ Sl''-{ *y il dn I A^ trx o^.rt "^* L--tL i.r &^- { t\^-L-r.AL^s4- .P &o. g 4""a 4""a cro,f,,pj .o {e op cro'f,'pi {e G.{\ : 9u9,o+1.*.se- 4o <b ,L*tr l\^--*-(^! rlf €n-,J. tl P""*"--l o{ f{i.*a ""{ f er3or cj . x .r-*d -Aj. {r.LLr*-{^r- Vo-{:4 -t6o.-' {, A^. " lf c-c i Lt }-, -t L. o-Gb -la $c tr6."-. {-. \( -L*L? Le d,-sor-teJ, -{" olf iq Q"..i,. "{f trso..,+.[G.<wrrr ariL[ f,i4.,-o-{o* r. f"$["u/ *to o-! 9(*--------------' g-&, Y{i.L*l- op''aanyr oLp- rue 6,..r'G.gb ,^s't LL' 3L""- 9---k- $-".r- c, i v ly " n, -J-o t t'{is o''ul* ce<c--too,,r. tc oa v l.r,rr {'.,t :l \ { ,o\o-c^mt i+L o^tq *--,-op,.{ t *fr. Ja,r-ce 9 " [p .w- f( J. -----

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