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Optical Communications

by Jntu Heroes
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Jntu Heroes
Jntu Heroes
Course Schedule 1. Introduction and Optical Fibers (17.03) 2. Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers (24.03) 3. Fiber-Optic Components I (31.03) 4. Fiber-Optic Components II (07.04) 5. Transmitters and Receivers (05.05) 6. p Measurements & Review ((14.04)) Fiber-Optic 3 3
Lecturers In case of problems, questions... 9 Course lecturers ™ G. Genty (5 lectures) ™ F. Manoocheri (1 lectures) goery.genty@tut.fi farshid.manoocheri@tkk.fi 4 4
Optical Fiber Concept 9 Optical fibers are light pipes 9 Communications signals can be transmitted over these hair-thin strands of glass or plastic 9 Concept is a century old 9 But only used commercially for the last ~30 years when technology had matured 5 5
Why Optical Fiber Systems? 9 Optical fibers have more capacity than other means (a single fiber can carry more information than a giant copper cable!) 9 Price 9 Speed S 9 Distance 9 Weight/size 9 Immune from interference 9 Electrical isolation 9 Security 6 6

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