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Power System-2

by Jntu HeroesJntu Heroes
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Jntu Heroes
Jntu Heroes
CONTENTS Page No. Transmission Line Parameters 02 Performance of short and Medium Length Transmission lines 15 Performance of long transmission line 27 Power system transients 32 Various factor governing the performance of line 35 Overhead line Insulators 42
UNIT-I Transmission Line Parameters Page 2
2. TRANSMISSION LINES The electric parameters of transmission lines (i.e. resistance, inductance, and capacitance) can be determined from the specifications for the conductors, and from the geometric arrangements of the conductors. 2.1 Transmission Line Resistance Resistance to d.c. current is given by  R dc A where is the resistivity at 20o C is the length of the conductor A is the cross sectional area of the conductor Because of skin effect, the d.c. resistance is different from ac resistance. The ac resistance is referred to as effective resistance, and is found from power loss in the conductor R power loss I2 The variation of resistance with temperature is linear over the normal temperature range resistance ( ) R2 R1 T T1 T2 o temperature ( C) Figure 9 Graph of Resistance vs Temperature (R1 (T1 0) T) (R 2 (T2 0) T) Page 3

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