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Jntu Heroes
Jntu Heroes
COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND  ARCHITECTURE Slides Courtesy of Carl Hamacher,”Computer Organization,” Fifth edition,McGrawHill
COMPUTER  ORGANISATION AND  ARCHITECTURE • The components from which computers are built, i.e., computer organization. • In contrast, computer architecture is the science of integrating those components to achieve a level of functionality and performance. • It is as if computer organization examines the lumber, bricks, nails, and other building material • While computer architecture looks at the design of the house.
UNIT-I INTRODUCTION •Evolution of Computer Systems •Computer Types •Functional units •Basic operational concepts •Bus structures •Memory location and addresses •Memory operations •Addressing modes •Design of a computer system •Instruction and instruction sequencing, •RISC versus CISC.
INTRODUCTION This chapter discusses the computer hardware,  software and their interconnection, and it also  discusses concepts like computer types,  evolution of computers, functional units, basic  operations, RISC and CISC systems. 

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