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Note for Programming in C - C By Mrinal Paliwal

  • Programming in C - C
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Mrinal Paliwal
Mrinal Paliwal
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Text from page-1

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Text from page-3

D ft.6ltqi"rrrdrcr-aA' a * V0c,cryvn kJJ.b.l/) ulr^r= L).A o d , bio cL d.rr.a/! *q34,'. - *^? 2' 9€- es"'d G*t^q**dA i^na-ee-c.d $ P^sxt*T I -rqo-s.qo,^d ff "elafi"h S rrtoc^c',rn q6dr.a ffi .'-*' troff"**t corr^prrtra onTaa'ncio*sa '{t^Aoa xo^grr-*. : o'c/rynr Jb o^rnafura -unqrn #-q bn $na+ T4r.rr\c*mn . vzq d nr",a,c_x,{rnr \^\1 O^,\ 6pe+c[, PoArb"fit - cgqg 4l^o^d.,r^rq^.q {a ,jlk\\ io .Q1oA . oru{+ oft corrnp^*r4 a,^o-r^vs1qn"^,*fug P-q*^t^^ v*.^^ch nrn alrn*una,,nq{'.'*'** A enaq^r^h*AA, - ld is c^^t\ €n. UNtVp*o uARc ,LBr1 -1olo 3' -rKi^o\ c4"l^[\a#-mA: r^^u-7.a*ed ci^.. (\^ *t^lA J=L"h^^CIlo1xd q^]a^ :LBr-,l * 3 6 o ga^NSr\a.Q ae,, ?r\g-ctaalr., d tu"'k uraa 1 c* , co,^,p^rrorA q,r.l.

Text from page-4

wt 'o{ Srr-q- - *.,o€hin^L io arrnq,[la . l'\O'"-r /\,qfiqL[-d ;Hnazn ("rA_2ldBr\..t\oJ+n^ cannpu&,1 - llaa ?e^-.,Lrt,l , . io.ac-ry.qrulq| *ovn@ L+'Fer-nfth C.,4^q^'tiw1 , fi3*J,r*h C!^^rr\qSs\1 esnnF.,*h4 Lrlr:.q buaed 6rA J*\ L\ r^i cg+,rs,,,qgx4g4'. " Tr-tq $.^*.1_ oo Lt \ jt u" b{iLat ci^ o ohs^' Airir-rn crn-\p \- -q e G^\*ar^^-!d\ asoo lc't,l/+j^ \q-t t, -. liz-e tt ryno*hrn^r jA ^N^^nc-rL4 -ifiqrn Hd,^.d. ?e/^qr\aJub^, N^i'\d , ?f/^.4r\ai+"n - c-rsA+ ia LlAa *lrqrv.r cth",^ gt,t^4r\a*t-1^A. b'i,s efurozrr*eX-.-l - ls-p$la5Licrfa_d fuch"^o{qad ,b L*gG sqq-l.-t f""tg*q**o4 u" "d *o crn@ , 5, +i{'{h GR^^er\c$an ': f:+*. r Grt /r\ yrznqlo$fi-o\A qqn prrtlraa $^^e^{#dn 6+ 4 ue-e-d i A e-q-l*L tn/eLnoJib'\ (uVusr).

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