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Applied Physics

by Ramsevak MahatoRamsevak Mahato
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Ramsevak Mahato
Ramsevak Mahato
Applied Physics (PHN-004) Class-1 Arup Samanta Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand Email: arupsfph@iitr.ac.in Phone: 91-01332-286678
Syllabus of the Topics
Particulars Contact Hours Types of Spectra, sources and detection. Spectra of one and two electron systems, Electron Angular Momentum, Space Quantization, Electron Spin and Spin Angular Momentum, Larmor’s Theorem, Spin Magnetic Moment. Stern-Gerlach Experiment. spin-orbit interaction energy, Electron Magnetic Moment and Magnetic Energy, Zeeman and Stark Effect. 8 2 Photovoltaic Cell: Solar Energy Spectrum, Photovoltaic Device Principle, p-n 7 3 Light Emitting Diode: Semiconductor concepts and energy bands, Direct and S. No. 1 4 5 Atomic Physics and Spectra junction photovoltaic I-V characteristics, Series resistance and equivalent circuit, Temperature effects, Solar Cell Materials, devices and efficiencies. indirect bandgap semiconductors, E-k diagram, p-n junction principle, p-n junction band diagram, LED: Principles and device structures, LED materials, Heterojunction high intensity LEDs, LED characteristics. 7 Superconductors: Characteristic properties of superconducting materials: Zero resistance, Meissner effect, critical magnetic field, critical current density, London equation, Type-I and Type-II superconductors, isotope effect, flux quantization, Heat capacity, Thermal conductivity, Concept of energy gap, penetration depth, coherence length and Cooper pairs; Current carrying property of type-II superconductors. Large scale and high current applications of superconductors 10 Nanomaterials: Classification of functional nanomaterials, Historical development. Size & Scale, units, Scaling Laws, Nanoscale Phenomena; Size dependence of properties, Phenomena and Properties at nanoscale, Mechanical, Optical, Electrical Transport, Magnetic properties. 10 Fabrication techniques: Sol-Gels. Langmuir-Blodgett thin films, Nanolithography, Fullerenes Carbon Nanotubes, Nano-composites, Applications of Nanomaterials, Energy Storage and fuel cells. Total 42
Relative Weightage Relative Weightage: CWS 15 PRS 15 MTE 30 ETE 40

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