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Data Communication and Computer Network

by Amity Kumar
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Data Communication and Computer Network by Amity Kumar

Amity Kumar
Amity Kumar

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Amity Kumar
Amity Kumar
INDEX SHEET SL. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Particulars PART A Unit 1: Introduction layered tasks The OSI model Layers in the OSI model TCP/IP Protocol suite Addressing Recommended questions Unit 2: Data Link control Framing Flow & Error Control PROTOCOLS Noiseless channels Noisy channels High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) Recommended questions Unit 3: Multiple Accesses Introduction Random access Controlled access channelization Recommended questions Unit 4: IEEE standards IEEE Standards Standard Ethernet Changes in the standard Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Recommended questions PART B Unit 5: Connecting devices Connecting devices Backbone Network Virtual LANs Recommended questions Page no. 01 – 11 04 05 07 09 10 11 12 – 31 13 14 15 15 19 30 31 32 – 43 33 33 39 41 43 44 – 57 45 46 50 52 54 57 58 – 66 59 64 65 66 Page 1
6 7 8 Unit 6: Network layer IPv4 Addresses IPv6 Addresses IPv4 protocol IPv6 Protocol Recommended questions Unit 7: Delivery & Forwarding Delivery Forwarding Unicast Routing Protocols Multicast Routing Protocols Recommended questions Unit 8: Transport layer Process – to – process Delivery User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Transmission Control Protocol Recommended questions 67 – 90 68 73 78 84 90 91– 103 92 93 94 102 103 104 – 119 105 108 111 119 Page 2
PART A Unit 1: Network Architecture Hrs: 06 Syllabus: Section 1: Layered Tasks, OSI model, Layers in OSI model, TCP/IP Suite, Addressing Section 2: Telephone and cable networks for data transmission, Telephone Networks, Dial up modem, DSL, Cable TV for data transmission. Recommended readings: Text Book: Data Communication & Networking, B Forouzan, 4e, TMH Sec 1: Chapter 2 – page 27 to 50 Sec 2: Chapter 9 – page 241 to 260 Page 3
1.1 Layered Tasks: Consider two friends who communicate through mail Fig (i): Tasks involved in sending a letter In the above fig (i), we have a sender, a receiver & a carrier that transports the letter. There is a hierarchy of tasks. At the sender site: The sender writes the letter, inserts the letter in an envelope, writes the sender & receiver addresses, and drops the letter in a mail box. Middle layer: The letter is picked up by a letter carrier and delivered to the post office. Lower Layer: The letter is sorted at the post office, a carrier transports the letter. On the way: The letter is then on its way to the recipient. On the way to the recipients local post office, the letter may actually go through a central office. In addition, it may be transported by truck, train, airplane, boat, or a combination of these. At the receiver site: Lower layer: The carrier transports the letter to the post office. Middle Layer: The letter is sorted & delivered to the recipients mailbox. Higher Layer: The receiver picks up the letter, opens the envelope, and reads it. Page 4

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