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Electrical Power Transmission And Distribution

by Ichan RkIchan Rk
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Ichan Rk
Ichan Rk
AT& C Losses in Power Distribution Speaker: Mr. Naveen Kapoor Feedback Ventures Private Limited, India
Challenges faced by Power Sector
Power Distribution Sector – Complexities • Distribution Sector considered as the weakest link in the entire power sector • Involves dealing with retail consumers with varied expectation and at the same time different paying capacity • Involves Huge network and requires network management of vast area • Theft, pilferages, network losses are maximum in this segment • Distribution is often seen as a social obligation of Government toward society rather than a commercial activity • Subsidised and often unmetered power adds to Distribution Utilities woes in terms of technical losses, billing, recovery and consumption habits
Key Issues …….Contd. • Since the metering, billing, and collection at many places involves human intervention most of the times human error, intentional or non intentional can occur • Lack of infrastructure in many developing countries for database management system and at the same time absence of any data mining system • Lack of employee ownership • Internal Resistance to change

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