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Note for Power Plant Engineering - PPE by Rajasekhar Reddy kalluru

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ANNAMACHARYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCES::RAJAMPET (AUTONOMOUS) DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Introduction to the sources of energy Steam power plant Layout Prepared by B Venkatesh

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INTRODUCTION • The whole world is in the grip of energy crisis and the pollution manifesting itself in the spiralling cost of energy and uncomforted due to increase in pollution as well as the depletion of conventional energy resources and increasing curve of pollution elements. • To meet these challenges one way is to check growing energy demand but that would show down the economic growth as first step and to develop non polluting energy conversion system as second step. • It is commonly accepted that the standard of living increases with increasing energy consumption per capita.

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A power plant may be defined as a machine or assembly of equipment that generates and delivers a flow of mechanical or electrical energy. The main equipment for the generation of electric power is generator. When coupling it to a prime mover runs the generator, the electricity is generated. The type of prime move determines, the type of power plants. The major power plants, 1.Steam power plant 2. Diesel power plant 3. Gas turbine power plant 4. Nuclear power plant 5. Hydro electric power plant The Steam Power Plant, Diesel Power Plant, Gas Turbine Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plants are called THERMAL POWER PLANT, because these convert heat into electric energy.

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