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Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management

by Vishal ShindeVishal Shinde
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Vishal Shinde
Vishal Shinde
Work Study • The systematic examination of the method of carrying on activities so as to improve the effective use of resources and to set up standards of performance for the activities being carried out. 17/01/2017 PROF.V.V.SHINDE NDMVP'S KBTCOE NASHIK 2
• It is a generic term for those techniques, method study and work measurement which are used in the examination of human work in all its context. And which lead systematically to the investigation of all the factors which affect the efficiency and economy of the situation being reviewed, in order to effect improvement OR • It is that body of knowledge concerned with the analysis of the work methods and the equipment used in performing a job, the design of an optimum work method and the standardization of proposed work methods. 17/01/2017 PROF.V.V.SHINDE NDMVP'S KBTCOE NASHIK 3
Work Study • Work study has contributed immeasurably to the search for better method, and the effective utilization of this management tool has helped in the accomplishment of higher productivity. • Work study is a management tool to achieve higher productivity in any organization whether manufacturing tangible products or offering services to its customers. 17/01/2017 PROF.V.V.SHINDE NDMVP'S KBTCOE NASHIK 4
Work Study • Method study • It is the systematic recording & critical examination of existing and proposed ways of doing work, as a means of developing and applying easier and more effective methods and reducing cost • Work measurement / Time study • It is the application of techniques designed to establish the time for a qualified worker to carry out a specified job at a defined level of performance 17/01/2017 PROF.V.V.SHINDE NDMVP'S KBTCOE NASHIK 5

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