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Note for Expert Systems - ES by Abhishek Apoorv

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Abhishek Apoorv
Abhishek Apoorv
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Ler', u*e Le.t*" Alo I' " (Exren P." < Con STsreus Cse-qq) t e^li fqatu,Les "/ €xf e* S7sf"m L CV^*ize-CL f {"owtel5. Basic ch^.oct"rirrJ; $ €xfa-t Itrf* "d f^11",,, \onli"L td Up* t/tu 8+* 2. 9, +. C,.s S, e-nl:ahtn * sf"h "d ?'" sf'.W 6. Jo + 161-*i7ued R_*l* tr* "d Knr;l.J-S* R"P'<z'^rthon - - ba,sd" 'F'tamzt ^ontJ" zls , 8. Sn 1 ?:r"^,-,"d N uu*T Lno,rrv o*f.*V t5';14 N"d s I S"1+* Fauul - D'.t *, Srtt",.- lo. t t. n trq";l;L" T / */^"yb^,h; F^c*'l i ']i IL' u, Nd', Ln'n &-)V L oz' eJjtont f3. SrW ;* "tt"')fnt"t ol E^fy tta^' (1'rk-'*-- ?--utnt , S"n^ 't." 'Vzfs , ?'I* fu"^-' oi"'t'd mztknds Attus' *f'-b^zJ , 'o't'*c"t'L t OhrrI ,J*'* qft.olr ' tq t5. Frf* t1ril l,.vel'1nu-t b^*L9' €t'Yu"L' t/tU rc. Sf"f "\ t+' 5,1*a;" x''fe-rt dtr 7*(. Taafr 't'41 b'e-wJ"7"*'*t 7t*b^;l'/;U 6-" "t{ ,

Text from page-2

Le.rut,.€ No' Cor-.t t8. tq. *^' rer-lts Kno,,rr |TrTn_";k '::| ?y,,k* T en d, ';,Y ff#,,;H'^n*#n:, sG,* cuss bt ( voL oLot _*. Sv I il. &tf* - sIsG** F'U'l"n ? uor,uo JA, ?r"blu^ ' gta^or^r^;u"',* tJ"' Cuc^fb' n*'LL & 7A* o' kno.>ldflp *.-9" )^y&*^t* lq ls" 1"6, D;gp"en'J ; '+"lt dun.J 1'il, ' "JA s,,l'-h'^', 'atr-; f**l ^ a- l"x'fu Vil;{t-L*rt "tto Q"^blen* c,'L 5x/r€"f o[ RusL^^."-, , I-t."",fr a p,i L' '$ ^, Cf* tli- ror- [ ,V t;66;u ?i tf*lt t ^ ?l,. ",,,r^, 'b s - c-L.,as;"J ' *'?nn:;'\ -" S;j* Lt"f La.c-K ry5J<a^s ^'1^' *ffA*o ,t+ As' "91" P-*"^-r"" Lx,rt y ?cE*tt, /,u, C-l+ros"y 30" gl. 9^t. u:)fu^ Dt-; tL*-^t"-t Drroo"-' nnf* *"rT u-tkq*a_ S7stc"*- s&. P bL'*Ld'Z fl^- 7rtM th. %f* sTst** bu;/a;'6 t.'{ w.c!tf- a^n <l^- \fofi }<,".,1 ry wY*-t-xtt^ Sft""- -Wft a-,/' 5^t f"','s^r e ^nl.,"r-- - €xYa,t-

Text from page-3

E,-r^t / D"'Ptt Glulh"< 'UNrT [,) Ex ,-n-t Slste-s:-lh7a,te *r.U ;y, ' c S6ku^5 - I sE- q!6 - l:t ) rrT=T3,'. 4u? ,r*T* d-", 'rt'ly,'{' a- /y\'A.^'n;yud. t,",^," aht-a'. An Lty,^r ,^; 'utrL f/.'L *ttU 1a|o^n^n^ea "uu* -/ 1--N"n-^^^J 'd s"rsf-e-".. arhr' k tiLLnne' oL Lt3 I t L .^sorrc' " b"t 'tt'o "h f" rrn aKe- K"-'o.^'' |*VL L LD k","t"AF u"fd ': :ry:?:e,^'.1:,, s6tt'n" b.t*ru,* ^ffn* h nnb u'-,.r-"'"*rr.r^- L'"tJ'ner'f'-Ltl^" 1.* lsfa"^- one o.{- ,'no,Le- q^J o''Ltg' !"^, [s) K"^"*\.r6" E^ffi t^' "tT, B'F* /- ." *'^ ':^'!3r,: K*o,^r. o-t k^"'^'l$e So vns "^l* ^'-" ' I , f;:\ 1", 3 l* ,'t'fi Tho- tp u\'so'1\ r''*1,--- p*p^xfi o,lt* )^^t*n^ /w&t,-o"w iI'L I ,*'Y^ ^ st^^t7 , f,L; l'*"r.* A"^", ^^-* {". ,p',Au fn.*f* Hr.t^^^- Dd!*^; 5 t\) b;;^r * e"tr,r^r$ 14',* drr"; 1O*l-"- ' )t ! '-ld" ,:):,ry'ry':1"*u u* aie ^.t" * r^o*Mt' l ofo. 'fu; ,^,"t/,, h- a^] A E t-ai ^^1" ',P^Lln'^I ,tr^ "nr *nct &lu;^t 6u-tow nG 'I )'* ;^- LP-ct't-..'P-

Text from page-4

Qweair't , Pt*bl"^s Dor.n a i4 Ex eRT Kxlowuppti PaRT S|-ute1.,u $-r.l<r r.l66.g R,^[u- K^r-l.J,f u ex f^ l-Enr.rRes 7 OF ca 5x peer --l^L w l, R"wt ' f^tdt* Y * : :'*'*'1 €*fr/' t, hr^,l .Solu.f'o"S , ,{'t\!, Do*n,; 'nSr( J, ', 'xP sysTeM ?'*Y\e"* ' SYstnv : f - L',1 u, Lt.bu,h'st CoRpuJ ?*L;ch". OF p61gt^.lL?D(f Q "*J k^ffiv 'b a'"'" tA bxf-* *''*' orl, eU

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