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Note for Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1 By Prabhat Kumar Prasad

  • Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1
  • Note
  • Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University -
  • Civil Engineering
  • 5 Topics
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Prabhat Kumar Prasad
Prabhat Kumar Prasad
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Text from page-1

SuBt € c T,STRL/cTL,RA L UNIT-I SiIs gtu. " - D e re R-M |NAT6 A NALYsls- sTe-ucTUR€ o t S S S,trqctqnre tS Qrrr GSseyrlb(age- o{ ylL{,,be-rc{ corrpo,.,eotJ Like Stq6s, beo",rJ, Co(urons, ccails oncl Sc cohich rer"-laitrs ?,r ec .tm elui Li br-tei-rr; fuum.Jc,&orrl o^r-r, , 6q. onor.,rj,'fj;iiilr, :l#::;;n^' c'r ite'a l c' of r&reir., th' 4rl: st^rqcttrre L-s desi5rr.{ .{br .the s{o-err rest,.ttq"?tj o f 0.renc{ ing rDo'roe,,6, SAec\nforc€, .,t*f (ecfiorr , cr,xiq( .stregs .€c,,rsJ.nG.( s,{ress, , ir trn€ro(11 c(assift'..| irr to -[co o cot?iorje_r Cil Dete,r"qina k S{rcr c{.t.,ne s C)U f",de Cett-ait.ra,te strenc{-uoer o?r Re.lur,.,tn6 Jtrrr c&rra t C il D e te" ur)irtc{te s{zt. ctu,re i ?hese .S,trt-rc{tr<ei G'r€ ama\zed just 6y the tue of ${rt,rcterre , basic eluiUbz-iurn €7uotr no, E|Sf Pt :- s;-n p t3 s .f po'r te.l beq-,-") Cs s 6; , ca,r-r.tlfeve.tr be or,o, Sin5te .",.1 c,lo..b{e CIv€"r Aa,,Ji,$ bec-o tiD Sode&"$io q{gjn_Sed@". , z hfrJed 6rrcher, - ?Aese s4-crrc{tr"res q,?re- oo( cctl>a by muoe- L(se of basic e1L.) [i 6,r,it,rl e1-ui q ble of 6rin5 aoa(3zuo/ etI,.,#.,.o. A(onj *t, (iarju'"-r eLU&ero"r so'rare cormrp.^{-,6i trtJ cor)di6,ons tro ef"r" re p!: 7_u.irecl , :' ftx ecl b e e'r{ r cer-n6 nctoeu be.\ra , {i^ e.l arrches, , ti rrS<cl qrc,AeJ, Portat-s t Ty)utt{rsto.zreyecl - ,* ('

Text from page-2

Me+bo.{s .rSed fo'n rt"-',.\( qnf '?r<cl u'r1el lzirr,\ J_ S't-;.L\C*ttres _L- a) 3 {'r<ii n tn erg y "l:n e tfi o cf vt J(ope cle f {ec ti o'ry trn€(.lr " d c) Moroeot cl istr) bu6a'n 'rrrethoel d) Co(ur0n a,rlafc5y "rqe.tl-,od, €,tc. Differencc Dete'rT-ri'rote ornd .?ndefurnnia.rfe be{..r€Qr) S'tr.rctrae "- Detea,.r,jq.,t€ strqctq^re D 01tr'iti b riuvq cord ifi'o,os {.. f ty s il < rleX1,a te ?r,clete...rrrate Jt t^ct t^re 6.1ui (.1b1ri tt'r,t cdxre -to qn a [g ze the trq c ttr-re b Yt 6n cl s F ind e peoc"l e qL o at arr5 J€ctroo is f "the rnq te"ria I g o f the s trq cttr<e 3) RM c^nd sF indepencl..t of C?-Os S "Se c &'orl Arrc\ of ioert,q, Irl orrre.n t" c.l epeoc{s cl qflql,yzelt". q 'the rr-l.tfeyiq-l ?rop".'t o f the *gtrtr.ctre ,) of 3.",erticr. Tel'rlpe.r,a..ttrde,razi .r{roo-ts CqctSe stressr:t. O No s tres s e s c\?re Cq q-s € cl cl ue to [a.t. of ,,ci t 6) Shesses cctuSe,d ctqe fu Q ex U" 6) gxt . e corrli&o"ns cot) d i tio"ns Lil<q cor-D pa{t bl Li \ o f o.n-e zrot do Ptc,ce"neots 't-eytr\ re d fu <rpcrtS ze Pre StzrLrctL(de . " z) BH otrcl SF a-t arr3 Secfioyt d .rc r, d s oy) C.u-os s s e c{r'on .ln"} Hovoeot q) f?rt Jee'rqtqrr va.ri q &'erns clo ao k cacuje Stre_j,ser to ifio"nJ G"re *) I M qrld Str a{ an5 Eection ' P?-o Pet- t adeluate Str., cttrre ' "no c orr d L,,.cfq cf f it' 'r Li! o f Corrr pu$t crt'e Tecl S{rctcfu"re -the zrcc.rgrl [itce cti.:placenents ta an a tJr"

Text from page-3

.A t'russ i.l statr'catly 'deterro inq le c^-'hery) 2 v:o) Z rr) ?otaL v'rL{rD betr cf '}?ne'rr-) be"rl so E 2j*3 a) At( rr€actr'oo crrnbe .{pfe'rrcioecl \ H=cr tAylz} Checlc'{he ().1 iverr St'rc{cfu're t\ rr{ete'orrrirrate oz-nc,t q, o .{o: Zj * Z J: tr,o'of joinls = 'r?-) E = 'no" o.f ?roe'rnbe'rs = 5 "?0 = 2)-Z 5 = 2:x4*s 5 = E-z 5:5 S o., { he Stz u ctLrrq L3 .,le tetrro) b) i : ?Dt^xn)ben of joint = [r lrD- Y)t-rrnbe.n of yoer-nbe?r=6 6 ro: zj_z "l a. te '

Text from page-4

S'tat ica t iy im,,lete,ryninrr,te. st"u^utc*cr.rre_\ G?"e ttuo a^ Le3o.riei D tr LerrnaIt5 i orle ter rniyrate S{zc^c&.ous p) 2n terna t (5 i ncleter rniocrte sta-qc&.,a-p-r c lassi fied ir,'& . l) €^!Sg1211!]: iocleter.nrr i"nate strr^ct tze s : ?t', a.r-l ex Le'rrr aI ly i nd ete'rrn i -ete St'ncr ct t.re,s the,re -r"e d u'r dant ex ke'vrxr.( reac&'CI.Ds o f{ered b; tr-,e s uppo^r ks c(.re, " 6{g"2E!*:.Fr,xeclbea.r-o,Mporrta({,omerConfinotu6ec{,,D azld the &s ?ote rn ir.Juft" "nloq{e Et-rq6ftrrej i,- c{ I t ?n c\re en,fr're9 q xD in 'eern a t ly in ,J e ?e c\ e{r'o,nS 6xs'rople:'+ tln "[.russ 4rqsses ter r,-) or trfid .f-at io a e; t, stnrr.{ ct ^-re , tr-rz-rc rJ qrr"l arrt , b i.,r d te, mlnq c] o-- ?tL {he- ,1t{fe"e,?ceof thuur,kno(d,n fo'".n \ C io te r-.i f fc,rcer plus €xterDq[ zeqc{ro-or) oarcl t'le QLu.ifi'o'as o eluitibajuro f "Stu e Kinero.r&'C E-%u 21 defe.rroi, Te S lcr 6're ^ ?{ ts t{re nuro ber .o poss.rb le f. cl utplqce rne"jts o f the oodes irl the "l irecfi oo_r' o f lre ss -restrf{o,,rrt Pfioiote'{ qre PtUS-t 115 Qo . :} : - 6ve.1) roeroAcer c) f th" tn.r. r! theo)o jc,'o sAear, 6e nct\njry_",o."er: t o od o tbe r coro p lex .f frel-Ser q.f,e at I prac fi,ca l! ze,rCI . ?bu ,,ocrl<e{ trqsses eq-jle?r & onct3 ze . ?r,..,1: a(sc ,r,,c\ke_( tretl{<, s Phys ica f ! sfuo oJ e'r tha.u o th r *Us of e a-rTo ,rnqte.,lcrf P coropressr:o o o')r p.r"e teais T,_J. 6ecert-se'nea-r! e.r.'rJ rnqretia( eeu. habr a [oqcl io fensio-ar .,,,cl the,n lo^p*ssioo aa., {ots i o ?' other kind s u+ . &r.n_y ,, ;*]:ff],rr,

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