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Note for Prestressed Concrete Structures - PCS by MD WESH KARNI

  • Prestressed Concrete Structures - PCS
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Md Wesh Karni
Md Wesh Karni
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QUALITY CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the e-course material Subject Code : CE6506 Scubject : PRE STRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURES Class : IV Year CIVIL being prepared by me and it meets the knowledge requirement of the university curriculum. Signature of the Author Name: P.JAGATEESH Designation: Assistant Professor This is to certify that the course material being prepared by Mr. P.JAGATEESH is of adequate quality. He has referred more than five books amount them minimum one is from aborad author. Signature of HD Name: N.Sathish Kumar SEAL

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Sl.No Contents Page No. PRESTRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURES UNIT I - THEORY AND BEHAVIOUR 1.1 Pre-stressed concrete 2 1.2 Types of pre-stressing 2 1.3 Losses 3 UNIT II - DESIGN CONCEPTS 2.1 Analysis of beam section - concept 18 2.2 Elastic Design for flexure 38 2.3 Permissible stresses for flexure member 41 2.4 End block 54 UNIT III CIRCULAR PRESTRESSING 3.1 Design Procedure for circular tanks Computations 61 3.2 Circular pre-stressing 66 3.3 Design of pipes 70 3.4 Design of circular water tanks 74 UNIT IV COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION 4.1 Introduction 78 4.2 serviceability limit state 78 4.3 Ultimate strength 81 4.4 Horizontal shear 81 UNIT V PRESTRESSED CONCRETE BRIDGES 5.1 Prestressed concrete bridges 85

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CE2404 Prestressed Concrete Structures CE PRESTRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURES LTPC3003 OBJECTIVE A t the end of this course the student shall have knowledge of methods of prestressing advantages of prestressing concrete, the losses involved and the design methods for prestressed concrete elements under codal provisions. UNIT 1 INTRODUCTION – THEORY AND BEHAVIOUR Basic concepts – Advantages – Materials required – Systems and methods of prestressing – Analysis of sections – Stress concepts – Strength concepts – Load balancing concept – Effect of loading on the tensile stresses in tendons – Effect of tendon profile on deflections – Factors influencing deflections – Calculation of deflections – Short term and long term deflections – Losses of prestress – Estimation of crack width . UNIT II DESIGN CONCEPTS Flexural strength – Simplified procedures as per codes – strain compatibility method – Basic concepts in selection of cross section for bending – stress distribution in end block, Design of anchorage zone reinforcement – Limit state design criteria – Partial prestressing – Applications. UNIT III CIRCULAR PRESTRESSING Design of prestressed concrete tanks – Pipes. UNIT IV COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION Analysis for stresses – Estimate for deflections – Flexural and shear strength of composite members. UNIT V PRESTRESSED CONCRETE BRIDGES General aspects – pretensioned prestressed bridge decks – Post tensioned prestressed bridge decks – Principle of design only. TOTAL: 45 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS 1. Krishna Raju N., Prestressed concrete, Tata Mcgraw Hill Company, New Delhi, 1998 2. Mallic.S.K. and Gupta A.P., Prestressed concrete , Oxbord and IBH publishing Co.Pvt.Ltd 1997. 3. Rajagopalan, N” Prestressed Concrete”, Alpha Science, 2002. REFERENCES 1. Ramaswamy G.S.Modern prestressed concrete design, Arnold Heinimen, Newdelhi, 1990 2. LinT.Y., Design of prestressed concrete structures, Asia Publishing House, Bombay, 1995 3. David A.Sheppard, William R and Philphs, Plant Cast precast and prestressed concrete – A design guide, McGraw Hill,Newdelhi 1992 SCE Dept of Civil

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