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Object Oriented Programming Using Cpp

by Sheryl Bhatnagar
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Object Oriented Programming Using Cpp by Sheryl Bhatnagar

Sheryl Bhatnagar
Sheryl Bhatnagar

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Sheryl Bhatnagar
Sheryl Bhatnagar
 Evolution of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)         Paradigm Concepts of OOP Data Abstraction Encapsulation Class Inheritance Polymorphism I/O Streams Merits and Demerits of Object Oriented Paradigm.
History of C++ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Extension of C Early 1980s: Bjarne Stroustrup (Bell Laboratories) Originally named “C with Classes”. Provides capabilities for object-oriented programming. • Objects: Reusable Software Components – Model items in real world • Object-Oriented Programs – Easy to understand, correct and modify ➢ Hybrid language • C-like style • Object-Oriented style • Both 3
Object Oriented Programming Concepts ➢ OOP is a programming style that is focused on objects. ➢ Object Oriented Programming Concepts – Classes – Objects – Abstraction – Encapsulation – Inheritance – Polymorphism – Message Passing 4

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