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Note for Data Mining And Data Warehousing - DMDW By Sahil Kumar

  • Data Mining And Data Warehousing - DMDW
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Text from page-1

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Text from page-2

* Xiu'ry Ul.rlT*+I ?t}.{ Wooho, .ti r,tg ,gI is a, + ,N"lrqkd f*f arnah.,, a rl-e.lXs* , J.I- is 4.tri c^l- tuLLttfi.,n ,f\q^g .U f{.-,-.rt1- F* r.tr'r,,n *t .fl'" ^ av*la-lrl-x--.&r' fzutni"tg L ,t i \t r/ y^^lr'o-,r 6 *f-|.. ^"a d@Yr,& o.u.14 u 1.r a h -7 .-f[..o,t- S+b.rh tn^eutg a,.ql Foo{+i t- lq €4 oy.r [t - t 'i.- l11J t-rs ( oli t\L-t4 O --{p Cv<sL*- 6 *i wt'vl Yvlil-}A" SQ^>L- <4 a',.4?4iJ aclih'a L alt-c1iiart "#is. d,ts ;* I nle&-xi )-< v<-|,as;kry t4qvzl t'-',3 $'^d L iH1..*.ah-"n ) q .o"1 "lr^' L q!u^l \u.c-l rz-fwnravn a-vra1 r\L,J YAu4'b J+itt i"rltt , it t- , \a" F i^t"a3 r^l'd "'lH Attrc,..f.- -{--.{.x - )"zrfip do)^ 11tutt ,.*' "-ts- qr,r*a b ttE't slrv<^)sl*4t ) / Qtcu* op"n^Fir..ol Agl'. bura 4nu{;- [?1"'I --a L t- bo)-a h rta , T}{ LJ^ r._]r"u.r rr-\t- i r^J + /- antJlri d _( lreyra '^'t t cuit{ i*Jyak't oLAP <'Xiwtt Aola u q*d 1"L *chyr "l"l l^ |rrsa .frvJ.l n"- /o* o (^P aYLi.t4 {4{ at la fr+.4.'r Xy"r*t ar^ittt ,l* we: ) 't d.rn wi"t*t|r\"d cr ra'of ofta f,ailn*, CAR-V ,u c ( ,.r t s_,, 6) ,n-in"lJ o"Q d,^a au +,lq 0o"f t t,& ) " V_1, un1- D"l" .?o-l= l,^t rtv-lrtttli 7 lu*,.r-40,"1.. I t^u*|r',

Text from page-3

$qon"r"*hrr 6rr1*h-.r (.p."h t: S"l"^p s fl Jlg-a ,, s' -ffa+r- F-v'l*t-r"n 11 tr' 's ) jn '''.p- t "tiya, "6 *) (6il.h^d -a cl*" l${** U\el* aut l^,s.lohe^l17, Uatr .drJ r'l- L.,gbp"n I tJk*t ..u,{/ _14t".7 fr.hv* [^6]or.rir]-: tJr,.er c{.* f .,.,4nF #lg1hbrl D*l-abo,- *Trrlrn"lJ J l- + )^h (oLrn rh'o n t dAr?. b u.* cht-ah,oh 4 a \ / Tr,r s &ru/o, brusT:;,_,* l <drrqnqA d"h ,.?""Qy' ( _y<La.l16ys1 "ykn*A l*dtt.{r* , d. ) and +blUla..ho}4._ 0,i.n}.,1 } 6 nrr ( Sp"lr^l t trj.^f; h'. , ^d i *,*"i ".t-.) o '{ --1 11 r' 't' }.*.1= Nnry !r1."*iy l H *th ,wtAt,a Jv,l^[at"u tqd L"rt a^k b u< r1g"', &Li Ro g fls o '' L^1.{ . H a[- .[q]o tJa,.I" tq \*-& ' Trt "t{.- " k r *l*- &ato * pro tr-+t't v,S ci-tpo rw*.-nb tu,'{ nol oLLr* +" lr^r-,J-l u h^l* 6o. rc Lotra -{ yfur<4 ii h "tr : 11 'fi'v a[q./=t E L q (c],v*'d A^]rn clt^vtrl+f fw*, *r-6r" dtr|nol qnn-l\+I-J :Rn-.tfo^oztc.l{rr-JO

Text from page-4

'D,il-( Ur"e ho,r{ inq & oq*d Ul.rlT,+I ?tt q kJa-/ru ,"t\ yrs St as; l,All-a- l(-rn-r'rug is -h,r Jntnt"tg L tt a' xf ih1 + i N"tr rqk,l fr'! arr,rarh', q rv'l?tls , J I- ir r*tri c^l cal,j-q-h',rl as i\ht'y',+h'..,rr 6*lL^.a "fi,"* Yv\q^ff &'f$-^-.rt1- OF*a-tr'onr[ &O+r* &.l{4 ,r IrZ-h lr ut<A +* Cv<-ol'<- 6*i ^1'v1 $^14-!-j'{'3Qnu-. 4Le{- s+b.rh 1^^.4t2{y a,ngl ro{+i t_ E or't ( ui t.,-14 a r"."{ fliJ a r,l'r i l-i"a L ,k {g i ant ViS ;* Hqvd -t... $'^d L q,-o.t W- ir'.!,r^-oh"rn ) j nle&-rilt-- L qlu,-r \v.c, x-lvonrav,,r -evra| r!L.J y-qrr-u.b ]Y lllJtt"n .u,'H A*trcFlf, ,1not- i^t<.3r44J Jfitl i"rktrilt- -{s.t* '.*' l\futt "--- D"zr*op dcil.a qrl:..a /- a^-ol1ri -Lnubl ( |rvuf sbr*t | (nUE't Lq,tir:t + Qccu* op.n^lir..^i cld* buca l?to'r d 6 '- Do|--,, i t t,& ) fy^-t We- c^,,it{ i*Jyat<rr / aLA ,,rd- P ,*tt <rxiwrl 2f L h rl,r . 11^.t u,ac + Ad4 uqr+l. ove"L *.h ^"1"1 l- hq4 *n wit"l|rreJ o r^tof .-ftvJ"u.r- /o* o (anp a^t4 fn{ furr CAR-V ,xt 4 i'L f,c i, 13^ 6-Jr"r,.r n"* c ( r-h t L,, 6) o2.o, f rr-v.{"\a t klrq $4= " rf, urp D.4" Lnt,'t4-lt'*li7 Lc"*..40*r.. 7 eu:rsh'w1

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