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Note for Mineral Enginnering and Fuel Technology - MEFT By Mrityunjay Sahoo

  • Mineral Enginnering and Fuel Technology - MEFT
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MINERAL ENGINEERING & FUEL TECHNOLOGY (MME-203) 4th Semester B. Tech Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering V.S.S.university of Technology , Burla Sambalpur , odisha Person Name involved Course Gautam coordinator Behera Designation And Email .id Assistant professor Department MME gautamiitkgpian@gmail.com Course Co- Dinesh Assistant coordinator ku professor mishra , Dinesh.igit@gmail.com MME Course Co- Avala coordinator Lava kumar MME Assistant professor Lavakumar.vssut@gmail.com

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Goals of the subject 1-To impart knowledge [fundamental knowledge] about Mineral Processing 2-To teach you to “think” rather than “cook” 3-To encourage you to consider a career path in Mineral Processing Content  Introduction to mineral processing(Engineering)  Crushing and grinding  Size separation methods  Concentration methods  Agglomeration techniques  Fuel technology MODULE -I Introduction to mineral and mineral Engineering Mineral- a substance from which we get metal non metals or any valuables. Mineral Engineering ( branch of mme which deals with study of minerals and its processing )where the minerals is being processed to get a concentrate from which metals are extracted .

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Flow chat to show the relationship of mineral engineering with mining and extractive metallurgy engineering Subject covers

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Minerals definition MINERAL : Natural occur inorganic aggregate of metals and non metals . Or Inorganic compound having a definite chemical composition and crystal structure (atomic structure). Or minerals are the forms in which metals are found in the earth crust and as sea bed deposit depend on their reactivity with their environment, particular with oxygen , sulphur, and co2. Anything of economical value which is extracted from the earth. Characteristic of mineral 1-Minerals are homogeneous in physical and chemical composition. 2-Minerals shows isomorphism (atomic structure do not change )(with the same atomic structure but different chemical formulas) ustal structure remains same) Example- olivine (Mg,Fe)2 SiO4 in different olivines the ratio of Mg /Fe atoms varies 3-Mineral also shows polymorphism (different crustal structure) same chemical composition but different physical properties. Example – graphite and diamond quartz, tridymite, cristobalite, stishovite and coesite--SiO2--quartz forms at low temperature and forms in the hexagonal system,

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