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Note for Satellite Communication System - SCS By Jeevan Mittapally

  • Satellite Communication System - SCS
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Contents Course file Contents: 1. Cover Page 2. Syllabus copy 3. Vision of the Department 4. Mission of the Department 5. PEOs and POs 6. Course objectives and outcomes 7. Instructional Learning Outcomes 8. Prerequisites, if any 9. Brief note on the importance of the course and how it fits into the curriculum 10.Course mapping with PEOs and POs 11.Class Time Table 12.Individual Time Table 13.Micro Plan with dates and closure report 14.Detailed notes 15.Additional topics 16.University Question papers of previous years 17.Question Bank 18.Assignment topics 19.Unit wise Quiz Questions 20.Tutorial problems 21.Known gaps ,if any 22.References, Journals, websites and E-links 23.Quality Control Sheets 24.Student List 25.Quality measurement sheets a) Course end survey b) Teaching evaluation 26. Group-Wise students list for discussion topics

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1. COVER PAGE GEETHANJALI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF Electronics and Communication Engineering (Name of the Subject / Lab Course) : Satellite Communications (JNTU CODE - ) Programme : UG Branch: ECE Version No : 02 Year: Document Number: GCET/ECE// IVYear ECE (C ) Semester: II No. of pages : Classification status (Unrestricted / Restricted ) Distribution List : Prepared by : 1) Name : MD TOUSEEF SUMER 1) Name : 2) Sign : 2) Sign : 3) Design : Asst.Prof 3) Design : Date :: 11/11/13 Verified by : 1)4)Name 2) Sign 4) Date * For: Q.C Only. : 1) Name : 3) Design : 2) Sign 4) Date 3) Design : : 4) Date Approved by : (HOD ) 1) Name : Dr.P,SRI HARI 2) Sign : 3) Date : : :

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2. SYLLABUS GEETHANJALI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Cheeryal, Keesara (M), R.R.Dist. DEPARTMENT OF ECE SYLLABUS JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD IV Year B.Tech. ECE. I-Sem TPC 4+1* 0 4 SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS (ELECTIVE – II) UNIT I INTRODUCTION [2] : Origin of Satellite Communications, Historical Back-ground, Basic Concepts of Satellite Communications, Frequency allocations for Satellite Services, Applications, Future Trends of Satellite Communications. UNIT II ORBITAL MECHANICS AND LAUNCHERS [1]: Orbital Mechanics, Look Angle determination, Orbital perturbations, Orbit determination, launches and launch vehicles, Orbital effects in communication systems performance. UNIT III SATELLITE SUBSYSTEMS[1] : Attitude and orbit control system, telemetry, tracking, Command and monitoring, power systems, communication subsystems, Satellite antenna Equipment reliability and Space qualification. UNIT IV SATELLITE LINK DESIGN [1] : Basic transmission theory, system noise temperature and G/T ratio, Design of down links, up link design, Design of satellite links for specified C/N, System design example. UNIT V MULTIPLE ACCESS [1][2] : Frequency division multiple access (FDMA) Intermodulation, Calculation of C/N. Time division Multiple Access (TDMA) Frame structure, Examples. Satellite Switched TDMA Onboard processing, DAMA, Code Division Multiple access (CDMA),Spread spectrum transmission and reception. UNIT VI

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