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Sensor and Signals

by Janga ReddyJanga Reddy
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Janga Reddy
Janga Reddy
6.003: Signals and Systems Signals and Systems September 8, 2011 1
6.003: Signals and Systems Today’s handouts: Single package containing • Slides for Lecture 1 • Subject Information & Calendar Lecturer: Denny Freeman Instructors: Elfar Adalsteinsson Russ Tedrake TAs: Phillip Nadeau Wenbang Xu Website: mit.edu/6.003 Text: Signals and Systems – Oppenheim and Willsky 2
6.003: Homework Doing the homework is essential for understanding the content. • • where subject matter is/isn’t learned equivalent to “practice” in sports or music Weekly Homework Assignments • • Conventional Homework Problems plus Engineering Design Problems (Python/Matlab) Open Office Hours ! • • Stata Basement Mondays and Tuesdays, afternoons and early evenings 3
6.003: Signals and Systems Collaboration Policy • • Discussion of concepts in homework is encouraged Sharing of homework or code is not permitted and will be re­ ported to the COD Firm Deadlines • • • Homework must be submitted by the published due date Each student can submit one late homework assignment without penalty. Grades on other late assignments will be multiplied by 0.5 (unless excused by an Instructor, Dean, or Medical Official). 4

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