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CENTRE FOR REMOTE SENSING Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli – 620 023 Tamil Nadu, India 6 Year Integrated M. Tech. Geotechnology and Geoinformatics PAPER CODE: MTIGT0301 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY AND GEODYNAMICS e-Learning Material By Dr. J. SARAVANAVEL Assistant Professor Centre for Remote Sensing Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli- 620023 Email: drsaraj@gmail.com 1

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MTIGT0301: PHYSICAL GEOLOGY AND GEODYNAMICS 1. Perspectives of Geology: ------ 3credits Branches of Geology – Epigene and Hypergene Geology- Scientific applications of Geology – Relation of Geology with other Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Sciences). 6hrs 2. Solar System and Earth: Solar system - Density and Movement of the Earth – Gravitational field of Earth – Origin of the Earth and Age of the Earth (various Hypothesis, concepts and Theories. 3. Interior of the Earth: 6hrs Structure of the Earth Interior (Crust, Mantle and Core) – Earthquakes (Origin and Effects, Earthquake Belts, Epicenter, Seismograph, Magnitude Scale) – Volcanoes (Types and Causes, Types of Eruption, Diapirism) – Tectonic Movements (Isostasy) – Mountain Building Activities. 12hrs 4. Earth Surface Processes-I: River dynamics (Drainage Types and Pattern, Erosion, Transportation, Deposition) – Coastal dynamics (Types of Coasts, Origin of Coasts, Coastal Processes) Seas and Oceans and their Geological Activities (Waves, Currents, Offshore profile, Coastal Erosion – Transportation - Deposition, Marine Deposits, Submarine Canyon)- Interactive dynamics amongst tectonics, Riverine and Oceanographic Processess 12hrs 5. Earth Surface Processes-II: Geological actions of Wind, Sand Dunes, Cycle of Erosion, Transportation and Deposition - Dynamics of Lakes (Origin of lakes, nature and development of lakes, different types of Lakes, lacustrine deposits) –Underground water (Origin, type of Groundwater, Solution Caves and Caverns, Geysers ) – Glaciers and their Geological Actions. 12hrs 2

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Text Books: 1. P.J. Wyllie, The Dynamic Earth, John Wiley and Sons. 1971. 2. J.A. Jacobs, Physics and Geology, R.D. Russel and J.T.Wilson, 3. Duff. P.Mcl.D, Principles of Physical Geology - Holmes, 4th Ed. Chapman and Hall, London. 1992 4. Girija Bhushan Mahapatra, A Text Book of Geology, CBS Publishers & Distributors, 4596/1A, 11 Daryaganj, New Delhi, 1987. 5. Girija Bhushan Mahapatra, Text Book of Physical Geology, CBS Publishers & Distributors, 4596/1A, 11 Daryaganj, New Delhi, 1994 References: 1. International Series in the Earth Sciences, Mc Graw Hill Book Co., 1959. 2. B.F. Windley, The Evolving Continents, John Wiley & Sons, 1978. 3. Allen Cox, Plate Tectonics, Freeman and Company, 1973. 4. Porters and Skinner - Principles of Geology, Printice Hall, 5. Marie Morisawa, Rivers Forms and Process, Geomorphology Texts, Longman Group Limited, 1985. 6. Jauhari V.P., Sustaining River Linking, A Mittal Publications, A-110, Mohan Garden, New Delhi, 2005. 7. Carter R.W.G, Coastal Environments, An Introduction to the Physical, Ecological and Cultural Systems of Coaslines, Academic Press Limited, 1988. 8. Lecture Notes - Remote Sensing Applications in Coastal Geomorphology and Coastal zone Resources, January 3-30, 1991, Sponsored by University Grants Commission, 1991. 9. David H.K. Amiran and Andrew W. Wilson, Coastal Deserts - Their Natural and Human Environments, The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona, 1973. 10. Ramachandra T.V., Rajasekara Murthy C., and Ahalya N.Restoration of Lakes and Wetlands, Allied Publishers (P) Limited,751, Anna Salai, Chennai, 2002. 3

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UNIT-1: Perspectives of Geology: Branches of Geology – Epigene and Hypergene GeologyScientific applications of Geology – Relation of Geology with other Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Sciences). 4

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