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Note for Software Engineering - SE by Satyaranjan Swain

  • Software Engineering - SE
  • Note
  • Gandhi Institute For Technology, GIFT - GIFT
  • Master of Computer Applications
  • MCA
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Software Engineering (LECT 1) Gandhi Institute For Technology 1

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Organization of this Lecture: • What is Software Engineering? • Programs vs. Software Products • Evolution of Software Engineering • Notable Changes In Software Development Practices • Summary Gandhi Institute For Technology 2

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What is Software Engineering? • Engineering approach to develop software. −Building Construction Analogy. • Systematic collection of past experience: −techniques, −methodologies, −guidelines. Gandhi Institute For Technology 3

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Engineering Practice • Heavy use of past experience: − Past experience is systematically arranged. • Theoretical basis and quantitative techniques provided. • Many are just thumb rules. • Tradeoff between alternatives • Pragmatic approach to costeffectiveness Gandhi Institute For Technology 4

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