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Note for Theory Of Machine - TM By Ruby Mishra

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Single slider crank chain and its inversion

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Single Slider Crank Chain • • • • • • A single slider crank chain is a modification of the basic four bar chain. It consist of one sliding pair and three turning pairs. It is, usually, found in reciprocating steam engine mechanism. This type of mechanism converts rotary motion into reciprocating motion and vice versa. In a single slider crank chain, as shown in Fig., the links 1 and 2, links 2 and 3, and links 3 and 4 form three turning pairs while the links 4 and 1 form a sliding pair. The link 1 corresponds to the frame of the engine, which is fixed. The link 2 corresponds to the crank ; link 3 corresponds to the connecting rod and link 4 corresponds to crosshead. As the crank rotates, the cross-head reciprocates in the guides and thus the piston reciprocates in the cylinder. 6/1/2018 2

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6/1/2018 3

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Inversion of slider crank chain

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