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Note for Electrical Power Transmission And Distribution - EPTD By SABITA CHAINE

  • Electrical Power Transmission And Distribution - EPTD
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  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
  • Electrical Engineering
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B Tech, 4th Semester, Electrical Engineering, BPUT LECTURE NOTES ON ELECTRICAL POWER TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION Prepared By DR. SABITA CHAINE Lecturer in Electrical Engineering College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, India Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution 1|Page

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B Tech, 4th Semester, Electrical Engineering, BPUT SYLLABUS B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) Syllabus for Admission Batch 2015-16 4thSemester ELECTRICAL POWER TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION Module-1 [13 Hours] University portion (80%) Line Constant Calculations: Introduction to per unit system and calculation for transmission system. Magnetic flux Density, Inductors and Inductance Magnetic field Intensity due to long current carrying conductors, Inductance of two wire transmission line, Flux linkages with one conductor in a group of conductors, Transposition of power lines, Composite Conductors, Inductance of Composite Conductors, Inductance of double circuit three phase line, Concept of GMD, Bundled conductors, Skin and Proximity effect. Capacitance of Transmission Lines: Electric Field of a Line of charge, Straight Conductor, The Potential Difference between Two Points due to a line Charge, Two infinite lines of charge, Capacitance of a Two Wire Line, Capacitance of a Three Phase Line with Unsymmetrical Spacing, Capacitance of a double circuit line, Inductance of three phase unsymmetrically spaced transmission, Effect of Earth on the Capacitance of conductors. Module-2 [10 Hours] University portion (80%) Performance of Lines: Representation of Lines, Short Transmission Lines, The Medium Transmission Lines, The Long Transmission Line: The Long Transmission Line, ABCD constants, Ferranti Effect Hyperbolic Form of The Equations, The Equivalent Circuit of a Long Line, Power Flow Through Transmission Line, Reactive Compensation of Transmission Line. Series and shunt compensation. Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution 2|Page

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B Tech, 4th Semester, Electrical Engineering, BPUT Module-3 [10 Hours] University portion (80%) Overhead Line Insulators: Insulator Materials, Types of Insulators, Voltage Distribution over Insulator String, Methods of Equalizing the potential Mechanical Design of Overhead Transmission Lines: The catenary curve, Sag Tension calculation, supports at different levels, Stringing chart, sag Template, Equivalent span, Stringing of Conductors, Vibration and Vibration Dampers Distribution: Comparison of various Distribution Systems, AC three-phase four-wire Distribution System, Types of Primary Distribution Systems, Types of Secondary Distribution Systems, Voltage Drop in DC Distributors, Voltage Drop in AC Distributors, Kelvin’s Law, Limitations of Kelvin’s Law, General Design Considerations Module-4 [6 Hours] University portion (80%) Insulated Cables: The Insulation, Extra High Voltages Cable, Insulation Resistance of Cable, Grading of Cables, Capacitance of Single Core Cables, Heating of cables, Current rating of cables, Overhead lines Vs Underground Cables, Types of cable Power System Earthing: Soil Resistivity, Earth Resistance, Tolerable Step and Touch Voltage, Actual Touch and Step Voltages, Design of Earthing Grid. Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution 3|Page

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B Tech, 4th Semester, Electrical Engineering, BPUT Module-I Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution 4|Page

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