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CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS BY Dr. Kalpeshkumar M. SHARMA Department of Civil Engineering MGM’S college of engineering, Nanded (431605)

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CONTENTS 1. Introduction of Construction Equipment 1.1. General Introduction 1 1.2. Planning and Selection of Equipment 9 1.3. Mechanical Operation in Construction 15 2. Earthmoving Equipment 24 2.1 . Advantages and Disadvantages and Working 2.1.1. Dragline 27 2.2.2. Clamshell 31 2.2.3. Power shovel 34 2.2.4. Backhoe 38 2.2.5. Bulldozer 42 2.2.6. Scraper 45 3. Hoisting Equipment 51 3.1. Advantages and Disadvantages and Working 3.1.1. Derrick Crane 53 3.1.2. Gantry Crane 56 4. Hauling Equipment 4.1 Introduction of Truck trailer wagon 5. Pile and Pile Driving Equipment 5.1 Advantages and Disadvantages and Operation 6. Tunnel Boring Machine 6.1 Advantages and Disadvantages And Operation 61 66 67 75 81 82 7. Equipment Used in Highway Construction 85 8. Belt Conveyor 119

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1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION Construction industry is essentially a service industry, construction activity involves converting the specified plan prepared by an engineer or architect into a finished project. Success in the construction industry depends largely on the ability of the management to plan and coordinate the numerous steps involved in the project execution. Since every project is different, the problems faced are also different. The problems faced are also different. In construction business even one problem may prove costly as the concerned personnel may never have encountered it before. Hence internal planning must be treated seriously and efforts should be taken to anticipate problems before construction of the project begins. The construction industry demands a high level of management of human resources and material for successful completion of the project. This can be better understood with practical experience because every project passes through certain problems that can be solved by proper and timely utilization of resources and skill by a site engineer. 1

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INTRODUCTION OF CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT 1.1.INTRODUCTION India produces the entire range of construction equipment for different applications. The industry can be broadly classified under the following categories: 1. Earthmoving equipment 2. Road construction equipment 3. Material handling equipment 4. Tunneling and Drilling equipment 5. Construction vehicles The following is the industry structure and the categories involved in the construction equipment industry: In terms of size, earthmoving equipment constitutes the biggest segment, accounting for nearly 57 per cent of the overall equipment market. Material Handling equipment and tunneling and drilling equipment follow with 13 per cent and 12 per cent respectively. The performance of each segment is discussed separately under various heads. 2

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