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Note for Analysis and Design of Algorithms - DAA by amIndian

  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms - DAA
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Types of Algorithms

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Algorithm classification ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ Algorithms that use a similar problem-solving approach can be grouped together We’ll talk about a classification scheme for algorithms This classification scheme is neither exhaustive nor disjoint The purpose is not to be able to classify an algorithm as one type or another, but to highlight the various ways in which a problem can be attacked 2

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A short list of categories ◼ Algorithm types we will consider include: ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ Simple recursive algorithms Backtracking algorithms Divide and conquer algorithms Dynamic programming algorithms Greedy algorithms Branch and bound algorithms Brute force algorithms Randomized algorithms 3

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Simple recursive algorithms I ◼ A simple recursive algorithm: ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ Solves the base cases directly Recurs with a simpler subproblem Does some extra work to convert the solution to the simpler subproblem into a solution to the given problem I call these “simple” because several of the other algorithm types are inherently recursive 4

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