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Note for Multimedia Systems - MS By Andrew Mukare

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Computer Music - MIDI Sound waves, whether occurred natural or man-made, are often very complex, i.e., they consist of many frequencies. Digital sound is relatively straight forward to record complex sound. However, it is quite difficult to generate (or synthesize) complex sound. There is a better way to generate high quality music. This is known as MIDI — Musical Instrument Digital Interface. 2

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It is a communication standard developed in the early 1980s for electronic instruments and computers. It specifies the hardware connection between equipments as well as the format in which the data are transfered between the equipments. 3

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Common MIDI devices include electronic music synthesisers, modules, and MIDI devices in common sound cards. General MIDI is a standard specified by MIDI Manufacturers Association. To be GM compatible, a sound generating device must meet the General MIDI system level 1 performance requirement. 4

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